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AIRBHG Update: Bullock "Hopeful", Canzeri Probable, Weisman Remains Awesome

Kirk Ferentz announced Tuesday that he's "hoping" Damon Bullock can play this week against Minnesota, but gave no further indication of Bullock's current condition. Bullock, who started at halfback for the first three games of Iowa's season, was quite literally knocked out of the Hawkeyes' win over Northern Iowa with a concussion. He did not play in last week's loss to Central Michigan.

As for Jordan Canzeri, who we are now dubbing WOODHEAD-BOT 3000, it's looking like he actually might play. Per the team's Twitter account:

Canzeri tore his ACL during spring practice in late March. If he were to return, it would be after a Rod Woodson-like six month rehab on an injury that normally takes 9-12 months to heal. If Bullock or Greg Garmon is available, I'm not sure what Canzeri would provide that isn't already covered, but hooray for him regardless.

Mark Weisman, who ran for 217 yards and three touchdowns on Saturday, is perfectly fine. Thanks for asking.

UPDATE RE: CANZERI: You lying bastards...