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Kill: Max Shortell Will Start Against Iowa

Per Scott Dochterman, our original hopes are well-founded:

Shortell steps in for notorious Hawkeye-killer MarQueis Gray, who suffered a high ankle sprain two weeks ago in Minnesota's win over Western Michigan. Shortell, a sophomore, stepped in to go 10-for-17 for 188 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a pick against the Mustangs. He completed 16 of 30 attempts last week against Syracuse for 231 yards. He was a universal three-star recruit, and he looks a little like Chris Flenker.

Gray went 11/17 for 193 yards and a touchdown against Iowa last year, adding 62 yards and a touchdown on 11 carries. The performance generated his highest passer rating of the year, because of course it did. As a run-only quarterback in 2010, he ran 8 times for 39 yards and a score.