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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Bring On The Chippewas


Peabody Picks: Central Michigan vs. Iowa (via iowaengineer)

IF YOU ARE HEADING TO KINNICK, WEAR GREEN FOR GREENWOOD. Iowa didn't designate this week's game with a specific color scheme for the fans. A Facebook group has an underground movement that would like fans to show their support for Brent Greenwood, who is still recovering from an incident following a workout last year. Wearing green is a neat show of support, so is donating to his foundation.

YOUR KID CAPTAIN: BRANDI YATES. Yates' story is up on Hawkeye Sports dot com. The honorary captain for this week is Chic Ejiasi. Chic works for the Iowa football staff as its Director of Player Development.

HERE'S PREDICTIONS FROM BEAT WRITERS AND NOT RABBITS. Marc Morehouse breaks down advantages for each team and Iowa holds all but one. Morehouse thinks Iowa's pass offense versus CMU's pass defense is a push. His prediction: Iowa 41, CMU 17. Both ESPN Big Ten bloggers are taking the Hawkeyes this week. Adam Rittenberg says Iowa 31, CMU 17. Brian Bennett says Iowa 31, CMU 14. Two Big Ten Network bloggers, Tom Dienhart and Brent Yarnia, pick Iowa to win but both only predict Iowa to score 24 points. Like last week, I like 30-10, Iowa.

IOWA'S TWO COORDINATORS TALK CMU. Phil Parker says the defense has done a good job forcing turnovers thus far. He also says the defense has done a good job of studying third down plays and that led to the success against UNI. Parker has known CMU coach Dan Enos for a long time. Greg Davis says Mark Weisman is just a "heck of a guy." They worked Weisman at tailback when Malloy got sick last week and it was fortunate they did. Davis adds that the offense is more successful on third downs when they don't have third and long. Finally, Davis said CMU is a team that loves to blitz and will do so more than any team Iowa's faced so far.

THE BACK SHOULDER THROW. The back shoulder throw is considered the toughest thing to defend in football. Last week, James Vandenberg had Keenan Davis but Davis couldn't whip around fast enough. Keenan said, "we're working on it."

HEY! THERE'S HOT BASKETBALL RECRUITING NEWS. Fran McCaffery and staff were after E.C. Matthews, a four-star shooting guard from Romulus, Michigan. There are rumors that Matthews still has work to do in the classroom. The Hawkeyes were set to host guard Austin Price this weekend but that trip is cancelled. After Price informed the recruiting gurus Iowa said they already had a commit there was a scramble to figure out who that is.

Later, the recruiting sites tweeted that West Des Moines Valley's Peter Jok will visit this weekend and he could be that commit. Iowa has only one scholarship to give for 2013. (Senior Eric May is the only loss following this season.) McCaffery was at Valley just last week and Iowa Elites published a new video of Jok in action (see below). Jok was considered possibly the nation's top recruit as a high school freshman. He's since had issues with his knees but he appears to be regaining his strength and bounce. See for yourself:

Peter Jok (Valley W DM '13) Impresses Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery (via IowaElites)

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