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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks Central Michigan

IA vs CMU - Mark Weisman (via iahawkblog)

FIRST, THERE WAS THE BIG TEN TELECONFERENCE. And we learned AIRBHG won't leave Bullock alone. Then, Ferentz held his weekly press conference. Here is the transcript and also video. (There's also an "on the side" segment.) I'll summarize the main points bullet style:

  • Bullock is doubtful, Garmon has a chance to play
  • The protocol for Bullock following a concussion is standard
  • Everyone else appears to be good injury-wise
  • Canzeri has been cleared medically and is working back faster than Ferentz imagined
  • It's just a matter of when Canzeri is ready to play
  • About Weisman, worked a little at RB in practice. Never know until it happens
  • If the running backs can get healthy the offense will have some flexibility
  • The offensive line grew up a little bit Saturday
  • Malloy was sick last week but could have played if healthy, still in the plans to play him
  • Andre Dawson is not in the mix at running back (right now, non-athletic scholarship deal)
  • C.J. is getting better, people need to allow him to progress
  • Wide receiver group is getting better, still open for the likes of Hillyer and Cotton to move in
  • Tom Donatell is the perfect Iowa safety (yep, he said it)
  • Canzeri has looked okay in practice, his work volume is increasing

THE GAME NOTES. Kickoff is set for 11:01 am (CDT) in Kinnick Stadium. The Big Ten Network will broadcast the game on television. Kevin Kugler, former Hawkeye Danan Hughes, and Tom Helmer will again be in the booth for the game. There are still a handful of tickets available for sale.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN COACH DAN ENOS IS PREPPING FOR ALL IOWA RUNNING BACKS. Sunday, Kirk Ferentz said Damon Bullock and Greg Garmon could play. Iowa's two-deep says Mark Weisman is the number one back. There's also a chance Michael Malloy gets a few carries. Enos admitted he was impressed with number 45 (he didn't know Weisman's name). Let's hope it's cemented well into his brain following Saturday's game.

THERE'S MORE PLAYER VIDEOS FROM YESTERDAY. Marc Morehouse has Mark Weisman, James Vandenberg, James Ferentz, CJF, Anthony Hitchens, KMM, Keenan Davis and Christian Kirksey. Quality stuff as always.

IOWA AND CMU HAVE PLAYED TWICE. Both times Iowa won in a blowout. In 1994 it was Iowa 52 CMU 21 and in 1998 Iowa 38 CMU 0. The 1998 team finished 3-8 and Hayden retired after the season.

THE DAILY IOWAN TAKES A CLOSER LOOK AT IOWA FOOTBALL'S BOX SCORE. James Vandenberg carries a 101.8 quarterback rating which is seventh worst in the nation. Iowa ranks 88th in the nation as a team in rushing yards per game (136). Strangely, Iowa ranks 13th in the nation in time of possession.

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