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AIRBHG Wrath Update: Bullock Likely Out, Garmon To Practice

Get well soon, Bullock.  Mandatory Credit: Bryon Houlgrave/The Des Moines Register via US PRESSWIRE
Get well soon, Bullock. Mandatory Credit: Bryon Houlgrave/The Des Moines Register via US PRESSWIRE

AIRBHG unleashed his holy wrath again last Saturday, knocking both Damon Bullock and Greg Garmon out of the UNI game in the first half. Neither back returned to the game. The good news is that while AIRBHG has typically handed out season-ending injuries like candy at Halloween, neither Garmon nor Bullock appeared to be injured that badly against UNI. No torn ligaments, broken legs, or life-threatening heart conditions. Bullock suffered a concussion (which is certainly serious, but not an absolute season-killer in the way, say, a torn ACL is), while Garmon injured his elbow. (You can catch a photo of Garmon's injury here.)

So what's the status on both guys as we prepare for the mighty Chippewas of Central Michigan? Muddled, per Morehouse:

We’re still waiting to find out, but I think it’s probably a precarious situation for Damon Bullock. We’ll see how that plays out, but I’m not overly optimistic there. And then Greg Garmon, I think we’ll know more as the week goes on. We’ll see how he performs out on the field.

Translation: Bullock's not playing. Garmon might play.

This is neither surprising nor discouraging. Bullock was straight knocked out on the field last week; frankly, I had no desire to see him suit up against Central Michigan after that. He needs some time off to recover. Hopefully he's recovered in time to help Iowa regain Floyd from Minnesota's grimy clutches next week, but if not then he should be shut down until after the bye week. Garmon's injury was always a little unclear -- it didn't look good when it happened, but it was hard to gauge the severity of it at the time, too. It would be nice if he could play but if he can't it won't be the end of the world. Getting him healthy for the remainder of the season is the most important thing.

The upshot of all this? MOAR MARK WEISMAN. Start tremblin', Chippewas.