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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Weismania Ignites Iowa Win

Iowa Hawkeyes vs Northern Iowa Highlights [HD] 2012 (via krullsk)

ALL THEY NEEDED WAS A LITTLE WEISMAN. AIRBHG left Iowa with no other options. Fullback Mark Weisman became running back Mark Weisman and he found the endzone three times. He was stopped short on a fourth-and-one that would have been four touchdowns on the day. Iowa defeats in-state FCS Northern Iowa 27-16.

KIRK FERENTZ AND MARK WEISMAN SPOKE AFTER THE WIN. Here is the Ferentz transcript. Also, here is Ferentz video with Weisman video. Ferentz was happy with his team's performance. The offensive line was a bright spot. Saturday they finished drives. Ferentz also gushed praise for his Weisman and how he stepped into the running back position and played at a high level.

WEISMAN TOLD MARC MOREHOUSE HE REALLY WEIGHS 235. The program weight is a little old. He also played some running back in practice so it wasn't a complete shock to lineup behind a fullback.

BULLOCK AND GARMON LEFT THE GAME. But, Ferentz said late Sunday night that he expects both could play this upcoming Saturday versus Central Michigan. Bullock took a knee to the head and Garmon's arm bent the wrong way. The team will prepare all week as if they both will be available. Ferentz said,

"The bad news is that we really won't know until probably mid-week. Both of them responded favorably; we'll see how they rehab as we go from here."

THERE'S ALSO POST GAME PLAYER VIDEO. Marc Morehouse has Austin Blythe, Brandon Scherff, Matt Tobin, Kevonte Martin-Manley, Keenan Davis, James Morris, James Vandenberg and more Weisman. They talk about getting the offense moving and getting the win.

SCOTT DOCHTERMAN'S GAME REPORT HAS SOME INTERESTING STATS. Iowa surrendered zero sacks against UNI and seem to have righted the ship following the poor six sacks surrendered against Northern Illinois. Also, UNI was held to 2 for 10 on third downs. Finally, Mike Meyer is one extra point from tying Nate Kaeding's consecutive extra point record of 59.

MOREHOUSE WRITES THAT IOWA'S OFFENSE LOOKED A LITTLE...FAMILIAR? The KOK-Coast offense? There was a little hurry-up at one point but all-in-all Saturday's performance did look a little bit like Hawkeye offenses of old. James Vandenberg said,

"There are going to be things that are similar that we've had success with in the past. It marries really well with our running game. There are some things that are similar, but there also are a lot of changes."

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