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Iowa Hawkeyes: The Season Thus Far

Just two games into the 2012 college football season and the Iowa Hawkeyes have already become a sort of Rorschach Test for their fans. As always, we here at BHGP monitor the threads in an effort to identify any and all emerging discussion trends among the commentariat, so as to make sense of it all. We're noticing an unprecedented lack of consensus regarding this Hawkeyes team. Despite the fact that opinions are proving to be varied and changing daily, making it almost impossible to unearth a predominant concern, we've endeavored nevertheless to summarize the most commonly expressed viewpoints thus far. It is worth noting though, that there appears to be one sentiment in which most everyone seems to agree upon, and it is this:


[The visuals in the video below are "safe for work." The opening audio and accompanying song, however, may not be. Just a heads up.]


* May not be viewable on mobile devices. Sorry!