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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: After Losing To Iowa State, Hawkeyes Moving On


Iowa Basketball Shirts and Skins Game, 9-8-12 (5/5) (via TheBvak)

THERE WAS SOME HAWKEYE HOOPS. Twitter pal @Bvak took some video and you can see them on his YouTube channel. There's post football game interviews there too.

FERENTZ TALKED ABOUT THE LOSS. Here's the transcript. Ferentz said the pass protection was better but "little errors" stalled drives. Iowa's defense played well enough to win but the offense has some work to do. The players also talked after the game and you can watch those videos here and here.

THE CY-HAWK GAME IS ALWAYS A BIG STATE-WIDE PARTY. Let's see who got too drunk in Iowa City. Only 22 PAULA citations were issued by the University of Iowa Police. The winner? Ericka Hilleman tried to enter the game with an "improper ticket." She recorded a .274 PBT. There was one individual that tried to impersonate security and one that found a ditch.

IF YOU WERE AT THE GAME. You can now find yourself on FanCam. There was a photo of everyone at the game taken just prior to kickoff. I found myself (looking at my phone, of course), I also found this guy, this guy, and these bros.

LOOK FOR THE POSITIVES. The defense is a good place to start. Anthony Hitchens recorded 19 tackles against Iowa State. He now sits in second in the NCAA in tackles. Joe Gaglione is proving he belongs as Iowa's starting defensive end. The defense is forcing turnovers too, that's a plus.

WELL, THE SEASON ISN'T OVER. Up next on the football schedule is Northern Iowa. Iowa has a lot to improve before they take on an FCS team that nearly knocked off Wisconsin in week one. Ferentz has to get his team ready, he says about UNI, "We know they'll be fired up and they will be ready. They have proven they aren't intimidated to travel on the road to Big Ten schools or other conferences."

UNI IS COMING OFF A 59-0 WIN. After losing at Wisconsin the Panthers played cupcake Central State. UNI coach Mark Farley is ready for Kinnick. He says, "It's a different feeling now that we've been to Wisconsin. We've been to a game with that caliber to it."

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