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BHGPoll Week Two: A False Sense of Normalcy

Well, that was quick.

The funny thing about the BHGPoll is that strength of schedule has its biggest impact between weeks one and two. In week one, every team that won has a horrible strength of schedule, because every victorious team's opponents have a .000 winning percentage. But if you hit week two and have defeated two opponents who have each won their other game, your SOS goes through the roof.

That's how the poll looks oddly like a lot of other polls after just two weeks. Alabama's opponents -- Michigan and Western Kentucky -- looked like world-beaters in winning their non-Alabama games to date. Ditto for OSU, Stanford, LSU, and most of the rest of the top 15, whose opponents are largely undefeated in other games. Baylor jumps into the top 10 of the poll just because their only opponent to date, SMU, destroyed Stephen F. Austin this weekend.

So while the poll may start looking like it has the same stratification of everyone else, appearances can be deceptive. Once we exit the non-conference season and get to the place where teams are truly at risk, things will get interesting.

BHGPoll Games of the Week:

#7 Notre Dame at #17 Michigan State: The irresistible force vs. the immovable object. Insert Charlie Weis joke here.

That's it. There are no other games involving two Blogpoll teams, so let's throw this in...

#20 Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Oklahoma St.: Okie State got knocked out of the poll by losing to Arizona Saturday night, but they were last week's #1 team. And while they might be Sun Belt, the Ragin' Cajuns are pretty badass this year. Tons of points. Tons of fun. Completely unavailable on television.

Iowa in the poll:

The Hawkeyes drop to #61 in the poll after last week's loss. Every one of the 54 teams ranked ahead of Iowa has scored more than 40 points. Iowa's scored 24. That might be a problem. Only Washington (#91), Florida Atlantic (#100), UTEP (#114), Tulane (#120), Idaho (#122), and UMass (#123) are as bad or worse through two games. So way to go, defense.