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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Iowa Football Media Day Recap



(via hawkeye sports)

SO IOWA HAD ITS MEDIA THING. Kirk Ferentz kicked things off with a brief press conference. Ferentz said that linebacker Dakota Getz will receive a medical red shirt but his career is likely over. Collin Sleeper will serve a suspension and miss multiple games. The depth chart currently doesn't mean much and everyone appears to be working hard.

THERE ARE PHOTOS. Hawkeye Sports released a 51 photo slideshow from yesterday. Hawk Central has their own slideshow. Finally, Hawkeye Insider published a slideshow too.

AND OF COURSE, THERE'S VIDEO. Hawk Central has video of Brian Ferentz and Eric Johnson. Also, the crew at the Cedar Rapids Gazette kicked off this year's On Iowa Live. They discussed the day's happenings roundtable style. Scott Dochterman and Marc Morehouse stayed up late to also give us an On Iowa Podcast.

THERE'S PLENTY OF PLAYER AND COACH INTERVIEWS AND PROFILE PIECES. Hawkeye Sports has a Q&A with Quinton Alston and Greg Castillo. Brian Ferentz may have been the most interesting interview. Here's a piece on Greg Davis. There's articles about Iowa's wide receivers and of course, the running backs. Finally, freshman Nate Meier is a possibility at running back, so is Brad Rogers.

MARC MOREHOUSE HAS NAMED THIS SEASON "ENTER THE BLACK." It's fitting with all of the unknowns. Who runs the ball? Who steps up and claims a spot at defensive tackle? It fits, "enter the black."

THERE'S A BAZILLION LINKS OUT THERE. There's certainly plenty here to get you through the day. I'll conclude by adding the rest below in "other links." There will be more and we'll talk about it in the comments.

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