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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: It's Iowa Hawkeye Day In Wrigley


Go Cubs GO 2012 Edition!!!!!!!!!!!! (via dasunn1)

THE HAWKEYES ARE TAKING OVER THE CITY. I'm heading over to Wrigley today so why don't you join us? The Chicago Cubs take on the San Francisco Giants in what will surely be a snoozefest of a baseball game. Fran McCaffery will toss out the first pitch and Bobby Hansen will sing at the seventh inning stretch. The game is set to start at 1:20 pm (CDT).

AFTER THE GAME. Head on over to Merkle's Bar and Grill. (Saturday morning Merkle's will hold a Hawkeye tailgate party with Iowa City's own Magic Bus.) There's also the Hawkeye Huddle on the Navy Pier that runs from 6:00 pm (CDT) to 8:00 pm (CDT). If you have another place to party leave a comment below.

IOWA WANTS YOU TO BE BOLD, WEAR GOLD. This road game and Iowa's home game against Northern Iowa is Iowa's chosen Gold games. One of NIU's primary colors is black, so, this makes sense. I'm wearing my black polo.

RAIN OR SHINE, WE WILL BE TAILGATING OUR FACES OFF. Here's a reminder of the BHGP tailgate plans. Remember to read the comments since some details are mixed in there.

DRIVING TO CHICAGO? Need something to listen to? Well, these days, everyone has a podcast. Randy Peterson, of the Des Moines Register, talks with Chris Cuellar about Iowa's upcoming game. Brendan Stiles, of Hawkeye Drive, talks with guests Chris Rowell and Steve Nitz (of Huskiewire). There is another edition of this week's On Iowa Podcast. Finally, Mike Hlas has Ed Podolak as a guest on his podcast.

PHARTY BREAKS DOWN THE BATTLE FOR THE STARTING STRONG SAFETY POSITION. Kirk Ferentz said he is "comfortable with either" Nico Law or Tom Donatell playing strong safety. Donatell has the experience but Law appears to have that extra "something." Some have compared Law to former Hawkeye Bob Sanders. Nico replied to those comparisons, he told reporters, "I'm not trying to be Bob Sanders. I'm just trying to be myself."

IOWA'S TIGHT ENDS. GET TO KNOW ALL OF THEM. Because they will get their targets in Greg Davis' new offense. Everyone knows about Zach Derby and C.J. Fiedorowicz. Morehouse tells us more about those two and a couple of the other guys: Jake Duzey and Ray Hamilton.

IOWA'S NEW OFFENSE WILL HAVE PLENTY OF OPTION ROUTES. Iowa's wide receivers will have to think a bit more on the field this year. Greg Davis' new offense allows receivers to read the defense and find an opening. There's good and bad there. It's tough to stop a well clicking quarterback and wide receivers. If they don't have their communication down though, it leads to sacks and incomplete passes.

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