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Iowa Touchdowns for Kids UPDATE


A quick update, one week into this year's TD4K drive. As you can see from the sidebar, we have 54 pledges so far this season for a grand total of $152 per touchdown. Assuming Greg Davis is neither GERG DAVIS nor an elaborate Hal Mumme costume, that's in the neighborhood of $6000 by the end of the season (not including one-time donations or shirt sales), which is a heck of a start. If you haven't noticed the map on the opposite sidebar, we've got about half the country filled at this point, which is again an excellent start.

It's still only a start, though. The season hasn't even kicked off yet, and we've only just begun to beg. So click on the TD4K logo above, or the logo on the left sidebar, give them what you can, click the BHGP box when placing your order, and let us know so we can put you on the big board. If you live in Hawaii, the American Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, or New England (HOW DARE YOU NEW ENGLAND), this goes doubly for you. Remember that 40 touchdowns is a pretty good estimate for most seasons. Also remember that TD4K and the Children's Miracle Network are nonprofit organizations, so your donation is tax deductible, and that every penny of it goes to helping sick kids feel better.

Thank you again for your support. If you want to see how things are going with construction of the hospital and can't wait until next Saturday to see it yourself, check out this video. I'm warning you in advance: Part of it includes a very serious man talking in front of a picture of a chicken playing with Legos.