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BHGP College Pick 'Em 2012

BUMP! Join up now if you haven't already! -- Ross

Okay, okay... here it is.

I ended up going with Yahoo again because they offered the best options for game selection. The games each week will be the picks by the Yahoo editors (i.e., the top 15 or so games of the week) plus all Big Ten games. There are NO confidence points. You ARE picking against the spread, so keep that in mind as you make your picks.

GROUP: BHGP College Pick 'Em I
GROUP ID#: 14224
PASSWORD: hawkeye

GROUP: BHGP College Pick 'Em II
GROUP ID#: 14225
PASSWORD: hawkeye

When those groups are full, USE THIS ONE

GROUP: BHGP College Pick 'Em III
GROUP ID#: 14227
PASSWORD: hawkeye

The downside to using Yahoo! is that their Private Groups cap size at 100 people. I've made additional groups, though, so when a group fills up, LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST. I'll edit in the information for the additional groups here. The maximum number of groups that we can have is 3, or 300 total participants (298, actually, since I need to have duplicate entries in all groups to keep score). It's first come, first serve, so join up ASAP. If we hit 300 and there's still a lot of interest in joining up, I'll figure something out.


Also, while I understand if people don't want to make their email addresses viewable, it is easier for me to contact winners if addresses are there. If you don't want to make your email address viewable, I would prefer if you used your BHGP username as your entry name so that I can use that to find your email address if necessary. But that's just a preference, not a mandate.

As far as prizes... the overall winner at the end of the season will win our undying pride and admiration, as well as BHGP shirt of his or her choosing. I'm pondering whether or not to also do monthly prizes; I'll let you know what gets decided there.

Any other questions? Hit the comments.