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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Still, More From Iowa's Second Open Practice

It's FRY fest, Baby! (via FRYFest2010)

SCOTT DOCHTERMAN AND MARC MOREHOUSE TALK ABOUT THEIR IMPRESSIONS FROM THE SECOND OPEN PRACTICE. On the latest On Iowa Podcast there's discussion about the running back position and the impact of Barkley Hill's injury. They also talk offensive line and answer Twitter questions.

THE HAWKEYES WERE BACK TO PRACTICE. You've already seen the photo of Jordan Canzeri getting some non-contact work in. There's also those gold helmets Iowa will wear against Iowa State in the home opener.

DARIAN COOPER WAS A BIG FISH. Cooper recalls the moment when he realized he wasn't in high school anymore. Cooper tells Marc Morehouse that he tried to lay a shoulder into former Hawkeye Riley Reiff and it didn't go so well.

QUINTON ALSTON IS READY TO PLAY. He's been banged up in camp but should be ready to go by the season opener. Alston admitted to being a little overwhelmed as a freshman; he's comfortable now. He could emerge as one of Iowa's top three linebackers. If so, Ferentz has said, "if (Alston) would be one of the best three, we'd probably move James Morris,"

ANOTHER YEAR, ANOTHER ARTICLE ABOUT HAWKEYES WITH A CHIP ON THEIR SHOULDER. This time it's the defensive line position. Brian Bennett, of ESPN, writes that Iowa's defensive line is young and seeks improvement everyday. Dominic Alvis said,

"We have a lot of people questioning us, that's OK. The way we can shut them up is with our play. It starts right now, in practice each day. We're being improvement-driven, like coach says."

AIRBHG HAS GONE LAMESTREAM. It's everywhere now. USA Today summarizes Iowa's running back woes. NBC Sports has an article about AIRBHG's smiting. Also, Yahoo Sports' Graham Watson is a believer.

NOW THAT SCHOOL HAS STARTED. Fran McCaffery can finally talk about his newest addition to the Hawkeye basketball team, Jarrod Uthoff. McCaffery says they are 'ecstatic" to add the Iowa native to the squad. Uthoff will have to pay for school this year but McCaffery said he will be offered a scholarship in 2013.

MCCAFFERY ALSO DISCUSSED KYLE MEYER. "He's a really good kid" McCaffery said when asked about the freshman center. Meyer is McCaffery's first player to get his mugshot posted around the Internet. The last Iowa basketball player arrested was Anthony Tucker.

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