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The Steve Bigach Show, with Greg Davis

We all know about the new practice facility: Indoor field, new weight facility, updated offices for the coaches and meeting rooms for the players. What has received less coverage is that the team built a television studio so that defensive lineman Steve Bigach can record his own talk show. Today, the first episode of that show: The Steve Bigach Show.


Bigach_icon_medium Welcome to the Steve Bigach Show. I'm Steve Bigach.

Bigach_icon_medium My guest today is Greg Davis, who offensive coordinator at Iowa, and is, like...uh...

Bigach_icon_medium He's like a lege...a living legend.

Bigach_icon_medium I'm so bad at this part.

Gerg_icon_medium Naw, Steve. You're doin' fine. I'm just pleased as punch to be here.

Bigach_icon_medium's good...good to have you Iowa.

Bigach_icon_medium /fumbles through notecards

Bigach_icon_medium Now, before you came to Iowa, you coached at Texas, right?

Gerg_icon_medium That's right, Steve.

Bigach_icon_medium Do you remember the time in the Rose Bowl where Vince Young was at Texas, and it was fourth down and you were down by three, and Vince Young dropped back to pass, and the guy was covered, and so he ran for the corner, and USC couldn't catch him, and he scored and they won the national championship?

Gerg_icon_medium Yeah?

Bigach_icon_medium That was awesome.

Gerg_icon_medium Yes it was. It was a great play. We tried to flood the left side of the field, and USC was in man coverage, so it opened the lane for him to run right.

Bigach_icon_medium Do you remember the time Vince Young went pro, and everyone was like, "he won't get drafted at all because he can't throw," and he was all like "I'm going pro and proving all you wrong" and he got drafted right away?

Gerg_icon_medium Yeah, sure I remember that.

Bigach_icon_medium That was awesome.

Gerg_icon_medium Yeah, I suppose it was. Wish nothing but the best for ol' Vince.

Bigach_icon_medium /fumbles through notecards

Bigach_icon_medium He...he won the Heisman trophy, right?

Gerg_icon_medium No, pretty sure he didn't.

Bigach_icon_medium ...


Gerg_icon_medium Naw, Steve, it's OK

Bigach_icon_medium MISTAKE STUPID STEVE

Bigach_icon_medium Sorry. Sorry about that.

Gerg_icon_medium Naw, forget it, Steve. You're doing fine.

Bigach_icon_medium Really?

Gerg_icon_medium Yeah, sure, you're doing great.

Bigach_icon_medium Uh...

Bigach_icon_medium So,, uh...

Bigach_icon_medium You're the quarterbacks coach, too, right?

Gerg_icon_medium That's right, Steve.

Bigach_icon_medium Do you remember that time that James Vandenberg went bear hunting, and he was up in the tree with a bow and arrow, and the bear came by and so he shot the bear with the bow and arrow, only it didn't kill the bear, so the bear was angry, and the bear started climbing the tree, and so James had to shoot him again?

Gerg_icon_medium Yeah, I saw a newspaper article about that.

Bigach_icon_medium Yeah, that was awesome.

Gerg_icon_medium ...

Bigach_icon_medium So...

Bigach_icon_medium /fumbles through notecards

Bigach_icon_medium You're from Texas, right?

Gerg_icon_medium Yep. Born n' raised in Groves, Texas.

Bigach_icon_medium Did you ever see Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Gerg_icon_medium Yeah, a long time ago.

Bigach_icon_medium Do you remember the part where the guy has the chainsaw, and the other guy is trying to hide, and he goes into the outhouse and he's trying to be really quiet, and then the chainsaw guy starts chainsawing through the outhouse, and the guy can't get out and he gets chainsawed?

Gerg_icon_medium Um, yeah, sure.

Bigach_icon_medium That wasn't real, right?

Gerg_icon_medium No, Steve. That was just a movie. There wasn't really a Texas chainsaw massacre.

Bigach_icon_medium ...

Gerg_icon_medium ...

Bigach_icon_medium I think...I think we have time for one more question.

Bigach_icon_medium You, replaced Ken O'Keefe, right?

Gerg_icon_medium Yeah, yeah I did. Great coach, ol' Kenny Boy.

Bigach_icon_medium Did you see Hard Knocks?

Gerg_icon_medium I did, actually.

Bigach_icon_medium Do you remember the part where they're going to cut Chad Ochocinco, and the coach is all like "em, uh, Chad" and Chad Johnson was like "Yeah coach?" and the coach was all like " are you liking Miami?" and he couldn't cut Chad Johnson so they just sat there talking for like half an hour?

Gerg_icon_medium Yeah, I saw that.

Bigach_icon_medium That was awesome.

Gerg_icon_medium Sure was.

Bigach_icon_medium ...

Bigach_icon_medium So, uh, this was the Steve Bigach Show. I want to thank Greg Davis, who is the bes-- one of the best -- like, the greatest offensive coordinator of...and a quarterback coach...

Bigach_icon_medium COME ON STEVE! SO STUPID!

Gerg_icon_medium No! No, Steve, you did great.

Bigach_icon_medium Really?

Gerg_icon_medium Yeah, of course. It was a good show.

Bigach_icon_medium Thanks, Coach Davis.