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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: More From Iowa's Kid's Day

(via Hawkeye Sports)

THERE IS MORE VIDEO FROM SATURDAY. Hawkeye Insider has "prime cuts" featuring Kirk Ferentz. KCRG's story talks about the noticeable absences at practice.

WHO WASN'T THERE BECAME THE BIGGEST STORY. The list of players not participating at the open practice was rather lengthy. Kirk Ferentz called it "one of the disappointing things" about Saturday's practice. Ferentz added, "This is always a good chance for our new guys to get out in Kinnick in front of a crowd and get used to the experience. We had some guys miss that chance."


WORK, PRACTICE, WORK, PRACTICE. The Hawkeye football team has plenty of work still yet to do writes John Bohnenkamp. Iowa looked like a team that still has three weeks to prepare for the start of the 2012 season.

GREG DAVIS GETS ANIMATED. Steve Batterson describes Iowa's new offensive coordinator getting "passionate" with his quarterbacks. James Vandenberg said of Davis, "he's a fiery guy." His offense is still learning the new routes and play calls. Davis tossed his hat after a wide receiver broke off the route and the ball landed fifteen yards beyond any player on the field.

PHARTY IS WONDERING IF HIS LIST OF PLAYERS ARE IOWA'S KEY TO SUCCESS. Harty thinks Don Shumpert looked like he belonged Saturday.

He also thinks Damon Bullock has enough size to be a Big Ten running back.

He says Donatell isn't ready to concede the strong safety position to Nico Law.

He also talks about Mark Weisman, Cody Sokol and a whole list of players.

DARIAN COOPER IS HAPPY HE TOOK THE REDSHIRT. He tells Hawkeye Sports that taking the redshirt year "has helped me out more so than anything. It allowed me to learn the defense, learn from the older guys and get bigger, faster and stronger. I benefited from it." Cooper is currently on the second string at defensive tackle but he could make a serious push for playing time this season. Cooper is only a redshirt frosh and will have four years to play at Iowa.

HAWK CENTRAL HAS A FEATURE ON IOWA'S TIGHT ENDS. They are "reshaping Iowa's offense" writes Ryan Suchomel. All Summer we've read about C.J. Fiedorowicz but Iowa is deep at the position. At open practice, players like Jake Duzey and Henry Krieger-Coble flashed their abilities and showed they can split out and play wide receiver too.

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