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Yes, Virginia, There Is An Iowa Pro Combat Uniform

Remember all those rumors over the past few years about Iowa football getting a Pro Combat uniform? Every time one would come up we'd laugh and say "Yeah, right. Iowa? Under Ferentz? When pigs replace dinosaurs as the preeminent racecar drivers, maybe!" Well, about that...

That last tweet is probably a typo and Mas Casa meant to say "silver jerseys, silver pants, black cleats," since Iowa (probably) isn't wearing two pairs of pants for this game. (Although, hey, it can get cold in November...)

So yeah: welcome to our Pro Combat future. Be careful what you wish for? We now have confirmation that Iowa will be wearing alternate uniforms for two home games this coming fall: the previously-discussed 1921-22 throwbacks for the Iowa State game and now, apparently, a Pro Combat look for the Purdue game.

Feel free to work on some mock ups in the comments. And if you'll excuse me, I need to go buy up the URL...