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INPIYLTI: Big Ten Media Day | Friday Timeline


This is a blog post updated throughout the day with links, tweets, pics and videos from media from the Big Ten media day in Chicago. The timeline will update frequently, so check back or refresh often.

Where: Hyatt Regency, Chicago, Illinois

TODAY WILL BE DIFFERENT as the coaches aren't scheduled to speak as they were yesterday. Denard Robinson will speak today on behalf of all Big Ten players. The rest of the day is mostly local media getting to round table with the players and coaches present at the luncheon. We'll use the same timeline format to update you, hopefully Twitter doesn't fail us again.

Live Stream: BTN2Go

Television: ESPNU and Big Ten Network

List of players attending.

Real Time Google News coverage.

Twitter hashtag: #BigTen , #B1G

NOTE: We mods will try our best to keep the timeline full of interesting, Iowa and the absurd. We will, at times, take breaks. So please, commentariat, keep the ball rolling. We can update as time permits.


7/26 Media day one observations from Hawkeye Drive

7/26 Ferentz cites Hawkeyes' attitude, potential

7/26 Delany: 'Moral authority' in Penn State case

7/26 Big Ten sticking with 8 game schedule

7/26 No fix for unbalanced Leaders, Legends Divisions

7/26 Recruitment of Penn State players touches a nerve

8:26 Pic of Ferentz meeting with the media

8:26 Coach Ferentz is going to be a granpa

8:28 Micah Hyde meets with the media (Pic)

8:32 Jon Miller offers a two-deep analysis

8:34 Micah Hyde tells Randy Peterson Iowa will wear Pro Combats one game

8:37 Forget social media, Brady Hoke doesn't have email

8:39 Bill O'Brien says "all but two to three players' are committed to his team this year

8:40 Morehouse believes the Pro Combats will be military style (camo?) against Purdue

8:42 Vandenberg says the Pro Combats may be Silver

**Okay, moving the rest to after the jump***

After the jump, much, much more.

8:46 Hyde says Kirksey is the hardest hitter on the team

8:53 This isn't from Chicago but an Alabama newspaper

8:55 Ferentz says Fleming in the mix at WR

9:02 Hyde mentions that Pro Combat unis are a recruiting tool

9:04 ESPN post, Vandenberg still fueled by '09 loss at OSU

9:08 GoHawks releases a new "coach speak" video with Brian Ferentz

9:11 Per Morehouse, De'Andre Johnson charged last night with disorderly house

9:26 Ferentz will wait to gather all the facts about Johnson's arrest before punishing

9:30 Vandenberg says Shumpert is a comedian, Kirksey a regular Travolta

9:35 Re: Pro Combats, players will choose which branch of service to honor

9:42 Kirk is looking kinda stiff

10:01 James Ferentz likes country

10:02 The Hawkeye table setup (pic)

10:09 Gazette story on De"Andre Johnson

10:10 Hawkeye players signing autographs (pic)

10:36 Players saw the Pro Combats unis but no pictures are available

10:48 Denard Robinson says Kinnick is the toughest Big Ten road stadium

10:53 Micah Hyde is part of team "Make Plays or Die"

10:55 De'Andre Johnson on IC police blotter

11:01 Michigan football players admire Iowa football

11:17 Your 2012 Big Ten coaches photo (lol at Pelini)

11:34 Morehouse video of Ferentz, James Ferentz, JVB, Hyde from this morning

12:34 More video of Micah Hyde

12:35 Morehouse writes about Iowa RB woes, Morehouse notes these seniors have seen 10 running backs come and go

12:49 Morehouse's uniform story, with an item borrowed from BHGP

12:52 Mike Hlas profiles Micah Hyde

And that's it for today, the rest will make good INP on Monday. Have an excellent weekend errebody!