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INPIYLTI: Big Ten Media Day | Thursday Timeline


This is a blog post updated throughout the day with links, tweets, pics and videos from media from the Big Ten media day in Chicago. The timeline will update frequently, so check back or refresh often.

Where: Hyatt Regency, Chicago, Illinois

Live Stream: BTN2Go

Television: ESPNU and Big Ten Network

Schedule (Times Central):

10:00 am Brett Bielema Wisconsin
10:15 am Danny Hope Purdue
10:30 am Urban Meyer Ohio State
11:00 pm Tim Beckman Illinois
11:15 pm Kevin Wilson Indiana
11:30 pm Bill O'Brien Penn State
12:00 pm Pat Fitzgerald jNW
12:15 pm Jerry Kill Minnesota
12:30 pm Brady Hoke Michigan
1:00 pm Bo Pelini Nebraska
1:15 pm Mark Dantonio Michigan St
1:30 pm Kirk Ferentz Iowa
1:45 pm Bill Carollo Officials
2:00 pm Mark Silverman BTN
2:15 pm Jim Delany Commish

List of players attending.

Real Time Google News coverage.

Twitter hashtag: #BigTen , #B1G

NOTE: We mods will try our best to keep the timeline full of interesting, Iowa and the absurd. We will, at times, take breaks. So please, commentariat, keep the ball rolling. We will update as time permits.


7/25 22:48 Rob Howe tweeted DB Jordan Lomax has a shoulder injury and tweeted this pic

7/26 6:50 The CID Gazette has links to all of Morehouse's Top 45

6:51 The CID Gazette has a media days primer

6:51 Iowa releases its fall camp two-deeps

6:51 Walk-on Tommy Gaul is listed as second string center, Hamilton is now listed as a slash with Zach Derby, Damon Bullock is listed as the starting RB, Mark Weisman is now slashed with Gimm at FB, Carl Davis and Darian Cooper are co-starters at DT, Tom Donatell is a SS, Lowdermilk has moved to FS

6:55 Big Ten names its players to watch, no one from Iowa

6:59 From Black Shoe Diaries, a Hawkeye snapshot

8:29 The complete 2012 Iowa football media guide

8:30 Pic of the media guide cover h/t @RandyPete

8:34 Here is the 2012 Hawkeye football Fall roster without freshmen (which is weird)

8:36 Marc Morehouse is on Des Moines radio talking Big Ten media days (stream)

8:38 Penn State players will now be there, Michael Mauti was subbed in for Silas Redd

8:44 Michigan loses a defensive back

8:57 Northwestern releases pics of their horrible new uniforms

9:13 h/t the Mexican't Big Ten's championship and divisional trophies

9:37 Eleven Warriors is ready

9:48 Big Ten's press release already includes Penn State's vacated record

11:56 RossWB notes Chuck Hartlieb's son Dan is a walk-on on the new roster. Iowa also adds John Sawhill DL 6-3, 277, a senior transfer from Drake and Sean Skradis DB 6-2, 180, a sophomore from Iowa Western.

12:02 Per Pat Harty Iowa AD Gary Barta is scheduled to meet with the media at 12:45 today. Kirk Ferentz will meet on the side at 1:10 and speak at 1:30 today.

1:48 James Vandenberg didn't rule out Canzeri returning

1:50 Vandenberg would rather win titles than shoot bears

1:51 At least one freshman running back will play per Ferentz

2:04 Dakota Getz's career is likely over

2:05 Jordan Lomax is out for the season

2:05 No suspension for Garmon

2:12 Ferentz is open to uniform changes

2:39 Photo of Coach Ferentz, James Ferentz, Micah Hyde and James Vandenberg

3:41 Video of Coach Ferentz speaking today

3:52 Morehouse has an updated blog post

3:57 Kirk Ferentz on the side transcript

4:04 More Ferentz video and Barta audio

4:08 Vandenberg is live on Des Moines radio (KXNO stream)

4:59 Video Gary Barta

5:03 Complete Kirk Ferentz transcript

5:05 Pic of Ferentz with the BTN's The Journey

Much, much more after the jump!

BRET BIELEMA (Wisconsin)

10:06 Bielema takes the stage (pic)

10:08 Montee Ball wishes he was at jNW

10:07 It's now Mon-Tay Ball

10:11 Awesome, Bret can count!

10:13 Bielema will not recruit Penn State players

1:55 Bielema video


10:19 Danny Hope, on the other hand, will recruit Penn State players (or at least their ACLs)

RT @TomFornelli: How can Purdue improve? "We have to play better."

1:57 Danny Hope begins media day with honesty and hopefulness

URBAN MEYER (Ohio State)

10:30 Twitter has fucked up, denying me the ability to update this section. So just enjoy this for now:




* Thinks it's wrong to pursue PSU players now (oh, now he develops a conscience)

* Thinks CFB success is "cyclical" and the B1G is comin' back, baby

* Says he and Bielema have no beef (because Bret ate it all lololololololol)

1:58 Urban Meyer video


Stoneburner, Mewhort not back -- yet

TIM BECKMAN (Illinois)

11:00 long, rambly opening statement

* Asked to clarify the stories about Illinois super-stalking PSU players yesterday:

"We were in State College, but we weren't on campus."

"We called a few individuals, but we weren't recruiting them."

"We did not go after them, but they had the opportunity to come to us." (via)

Hooray for semantics!

* Re-emphasizing the rivalry with jNW, who will now be "the team upstate." lolololol

1:59 No apologies for sending coaches to Penn State


Sounded like a coach of a terrible team

1:59 Complete video


11:30 O'Brien asked if he had an update on Silas Redd, answered: "No"

As far as schools contacting players, "it is what it is." Mentions it is part of the rules.

Names McGloin his starter

O'Brien said people will have to "wait and see" regarding PSU uniform changes, sounds like they're coming

O'Brien proves to be a master of the cliche with several: "it is what it is", "moving forward", "one day at a time" and "at the end of the day"

2:00 O'Brien hints at uniform changes

3:55 Video: Penn State LB Michael Mauti

3:56 Video: Penn State's John Urschel

PAT FITZGERALD (just Northwestern)

2:02 BTN video replay

4:34 Fitzgerald says Colter reminds him of *gasp* Basanez

5:01 Thinks the Big Ten should use a selection committee for the B1G champ game

2:02 NW is not becoming the new Oregon with uniforms

JERRY KILL (Minnesota)

2:08 No plans to recruit Penn State

2:09 Video from media day

BRADY HOKE (Michigan)

Complete presser transcript

2:19 at least on PSU player has contacted Hoke

3:42 LOL Toussaint, who recently got an DUI, may not miss the opener against Bama

BO PELINI (Nebraska)

Nebraska is not pursuing PSU players

2:35 Huskers suffering from a terrible championship drought

MARK DANTONIO (Michigan State)

2:25 "team lacks leadership but has good chemistry"

2:26 Dantonio would consider taking PSU players if they contacted him

3:48 Dantonio addresses roster, Penn State at Big Ten Media Days


see above for Iowa related timeline

BILL CAROLLO (Officials)

link to Red And Black Attack

3:00 New kickoff rules explained

3:01 Player safety a priority


2:57 admits the BTN "whiffed" on the Freeh report coverage

2:59 no midweek games because of the students

JIM DELANY (Supreme Commander, Big Ten)

2:19 four team playoff will energize the regular season

2:21 Penn State has affected the entire Big Ten

2:22 Penn State situation the "most difficult" he's faced

2:34 Delany wants coaches to act like "grown-ups"

2:42 Delany wants to stay at eight conference games

2:55 Without Pac-12 deal, Big Ten will still play an "enhanced" schedule