BAD NEWS. Is it a surprise really?

Besides the Tweet, there's this story from Garmon's local television station. Per Erie TV News,

Erie police made a traffic stop last weekend at 11th and Ash.
They pulled over a vehicle for an expired registration, and charged the two occupants with drug possession, after they reportedly found a small marijuana inside the vehicle.

They charged 18 year old Delton Williams and 19 year old Greg Garmon with simple possession and paraphernalia.

Garmon, of course, is a member of Iowa's incoming football recruiting class. He received four-stars as a prospect from Rivals. He has/had a strong possibility to play as a true freshman. Fellow incoming running back prospect Michael Malloy also was arrested, but last summer. Malloy had a scholarship offer to Iowa but instead was offered a chance to walk-on with the Iowa program. No word from Iowa as this is breaking news. More to come, certainly.

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