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Jarrod Uthoff To Decide Between Iowa And Iowa State

Remember Jarrod Uthoff? The Cedar Rapids Jefferson product who signed with Wisconsin a year ago, then created a media firestorm in April when he decided to transfer away from Madtown upon Bo Ryan's slow down game wasn't for him? Well, he still hasn't made up his mind yet when it comes to which school he'll be calling home next season -- but he's very close.

So it looks like we'll have an ending to Uthoff's transfer odyssey before too long. Iowa's still very much in the picture for his services, and may even be the leader depending on which source above you place more stock in.

Still, that would be a slightly surprising outcome to me, considering that Uthoff would be choosing Iowa when (as I understand things) he hasn't been able to be in contact with the Iowa coaching staff (and won't be able to until the fall semester begins, if memory serves) and when he'd have to pay his own way next season. (And, frankly, even then a scholarship might not be guaranteed -- Iowa has just two scholarships to offer next year.) To say nothing of the fact that the school vying with Iowa for his services is Cap'n Hoiberg's Home For Wayward Big Ten Youths.

But hey: maybe Uthoff just wants to be a Hawkeye that badly. If that's the case, we'll happily welcome him to the fold. Either way, this long, drawn-out saga should be concluded very soon.