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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: The Prime Time League Draft Is Here

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TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. Okay, maybe not. But, you can't have a draft without a so-called expert and a big board. I'm not an expert so 50% will have to do. Besides, it's good for a Wednesday morning discussion.

The North Liberty Prime Time League begins play June 19th. Here's my list of Hawkeyes on the PTL draft big board. I'm not including former players, that's you Duez Henderson.

#1. ROY DEV MARBLE - He's a slasher and dasher and stop-and-pop shooter. Marble can play three positions on the floor and be the leader on a PTL team needs to hit 130 points a night. His dunk versus Minnesota solidifies his spot as the teams number one street baller.

#2. AARON WHITE - Like Marble, White can play more than one position on the floor and spread a defense by occasionally knocking down the three. Again, like Marble, White can get to the rim. He should be good for a double-double every night and can be a rebounding/garbage machine.

#3. MELSAHN BASABE - Melsahn won a PTL Championship last season with Matt Gatens and Aaron White as teammates. Now, he'll have to do it with some underclassmen as Gatens is gone and White will surely be selected in the same round as Basabe. The street game is his game, he's a junk yard dog on the court. And like Aaron White, should be a shoe-in for a double-double every night. Melsahn has a pair of freshmen to posterize so expect at least a PTL dunk highlight a game.

#4. MIKE GESELL - Typically, incoming freshman don't rank this high but Gesell is probably the best option at point guard for the team manager that wants to build their team around a floor general. Gesell can play shooting guard too and will surprise people with his ability to not only distribute the ball but fill it up from anywhere. He's quick, athletic and rumor is he's his neighborhood's H.O.R.S.E. four-time champion.

#5. ZACH MCCABE - McCabe is a bulldog that will be the inside presence a PTL team manager will need. McCabe can shoot the midrange shot and will be the team rebounding leader every night. He's also a decent three point shooter and should average a double-double in PTL play. McCabe developed his "shoulder-to-the-defender's-chest" move on the playground and it is as deadly as the "old man backdown" as the refs usually swallow their whistles in the PTL.

#6. JARROD UTHOFF - The newest edition of the Hawkeye team (that is if everything goes well once he finally talks to the coaching staff in September, wink) is an Aaron White type player. He's tall at 6'8" and can shoot the ball from the outside. Uthoff could be his PTL team's best player by the end of the session. That is if he's able to shake out what he learned of the roundball game at Wisconsin.

#7. ADAM WOODBURY - Woodbury will add instant size at 7'1" and a rebounding presence. He'll get to show Iowa fans how well he runs the court in the up-and-down style of PTL basketball. He won't be an instant offensive impact player and will need to be removed from late game situations because he's the worst free throw shooting player on this list.

#8. JOSH OGLESBY - Maybe too far down this list because Oglesby could play some point in the PTL if his team needed him. He's a gunner and fills up the stat sheet in the rec league style PTL. If you remember Chris Kingsbury, a PTL Josh Oglesby might be the closest thing to the legend we've seen in these parts in awhile.

#9. ERIC MAY - This is May's last run in the PTL and he could hear his name called first as a salute to the senior-to-be. Fran McCaffery says May is healthy and a healthy Eric May is athletically suited for the PTL style. There's a swagger missing from May's game the last two seasons and we all hope he gets it back. A breakaway dunk here and a fade away shot there may be just what the Dr. ordered.

#10. GABE OLASENI - McCaffery says Olaseni is the most improved in spring workouts following the season. He'll bring height and a rebounding presence to the team that drafts him. He could be a shot blocking machine too but his offensive game needs some work.

#11. ANTHONY CLEMMONS - Clemmons is another player that could get his name called early to serve as his team's point guard. He may be more of a slasher than fellow freshman Patrick Ingram and could get quality backup minutes as a freshman at Iowa. I will add that more tweets like this today will move Clemmons down the board.

#12. KYLE MEYER - Meyer will bring size and surprising outside skills to whichever team selects him tonight. He may struggle early in the PTL session as he adjusts to the speed of the game but he could be good for close to a double-double contributor. If anything, anything, PLEASE! We hopefully get another one of these from Meyer at this summer's PTL.

#13. DARIUS STOKES - You can't have a solid program without solid contributors behind the scenes. Most fans probably remember Stokes for his quality minutes against Wisconsin last season when Fran McCaffery let the walk-ons get some minutes and they played terrific defense. Stokes is a little undersized but plays hard. He's now a seasoned PTL player and will be a quality pick for whichever team selects him.

#14. STEPHEN MCCARTY - Cousin of Roy Dev Marble, McCarty is another walk-on that like Stokes provided a few minutes last season. McCarty is undersized but is quick. Word is he can dribble between his legs and that will surely woo the crowd that believed they bought tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters. He's been on campus and knows the system and that could help him get quality minutes in the PTL.

*Patrick Ingram is reportedly not participating in the PTL. If he were he'd certainly be in the middle of the list.

** Jarryd Cole is playing this year and could be the league's overall number one pick

ONE PLAYER THAT WON'T BE IN THE PTL THIS YEAR IS MATT GATENS. Matt will be working out for NBA teams as he hopes to get a shot in the league next season. The Register's Rick Brown reports that Gatens will workout for the Wizards, Suns, Trailblazers, Bucks, Bulls and Warriors in the upcoming weeks before the NBA Draft.


PHIL HADDY IS RETIRING AFTER 41 YEARS AT IOWA. Marc Morehouse writes that yesterday there was a golf outing in Haddy's honor. Morehouse includes some personal thoughts and the Iowa sports information release on Haddy's retirement.




IOWA FOOTBALL RECRUITING BUDGET GREW BY $100,000 IN 2011. Per ESPN's Big Ten blog, Iowa spent just over $307,000 dollars recruiting prospective athletes last year. That's a huge increase compared to the $207, 117 spent in 2010. Michigan led the Big Ten with $577,663 spent. Wisconsin, using only a HawkeyeReport account still managed to spend $204,181.

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