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In Honor Of Memorial Day

If you've been an Iowa fan for longer than, oh, six months, then you probably remember this -- Herky the Hawk dressed up as Captain America for Halloween during Iowa's epic beatdown over #5 Michigan State in 2010. It was a great game and a fantastic image. Last fall, I was contacted by by a member of the Iowa Air National Guard. He wanted to know if I could help him locate a high-resolution copy of the Captain America Herky image. I was happy to help out as best I could and at the end of our back-and-forth, he very graciously sent me a couple patches from his squadron, the 124th Fighter Squadron, "HAWKEYES." As you might imagine, they are completely awesome:


He also sent along a pic of a few of their F-16s, which are also absolutely awesome:


And so, in honor of all the brave men and women who have given their lives in defense of this country -- and in honor of all of the brave men and women who are still serving today -- BHGP would like to say "THANK YOU." We are forever in your debt. Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

Regular service will resume tomorrow.