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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: It's All In The Ferentz Family


Dan Gable talks Art & Wrestling - (via mcnuttart1967)

ADAM RITTENBERG HAS MORE VIDEO FROM HIS STOP IN IOWA CITY. This time, it's an interview with Kirk Ferentz. The Hawkeye head football coach talked about his new coordinators and said we'll probably "see the most changes on the offensive side." Ferentz said the most impressive thing about Greg Davis is his ability to mold an offense around his players and their abilities. Two of the players Ferentz mentioned was Keenan Davis and C.J. Fiedorowicz.

RITTENBERG ALSO WRITES ABOUT THE FOUR FERENTZS. Not even James Ferentz knew who Iowa's newest assistant coaching hire would be. It wasn't for the lack of trying. James told Rittenberg, "I was trying to squeeze some information out of my mom, but she wasn't talking." James said that so far, he's impressed with his brother as a coach.

As for James' dad, he likes what he sees from his newest offensive line coach. Kirk told Rittenberg,

"On a personal level, it's been interesting and neat, not something I ever envisioned happening. So that worked out beautifully. But more importantly, he's doing a competent job, and that's what we brought him here for, to do a good job coaching the line."

Rittenberg also asked about the scrutiny from some media members last week. Kirk replied with,

"Not surprised, especially in Iowa, you kidding me? Anything that happens, you have to consider it to be news."

Kirk also mentioned Tom Brands hiring his brother Terry as another example of family hiring family to coach at Iowa. Ferentz isn't the first coach in college football to hire his son. He may be the first coach to have a son as an assistant and two others playing on the team.

MOREHOUSE HAS MORE ON IOWA'S FIRST FOOTBALL COMMIT OF 2013. Marc Morehouse got a good look at David Kenney as he walked through the media room Wednesday. He calls him a Broderick Binns starter kit.

ALSO FROM THE GAZETTE, A WAY TOO EARLY LOOK AT MEN'S BIG TEN BASKETBALL 2012-13. Scott Dochterman is looking ahead and making predictions. It's early for this, real early. There's still a deadline for players to declare for the NBA and also recruits left to commit. But, Doc has Michigan #1 if Trey Burke returns. He has Indiana #2 but some pundits have them as high as #2 nationally (again, pending a Zeller return). Dochterman sees the Hawkeyes as the seventh best team in the league. A very reasonable projection. Seventh puts them on the NCAA bubble, about where this team should be.

IOWA'S SPRING FOOTBALL IS ALSO A GOOD TIME TO HOST RECRUITS. There's been plenty of names of 2013 football recruits intending to visit Iowa City popping up on Twitter. Here's a few: Tate Leavitt (OL), Darius Mosely (DB), Todd Porter (QB) and Malik Rucker (DB).

THE BIG TEN NETWORK ROUNDTABLED IOWA SPRING FOOTBALL. They got together beat writers Randy Peterson, Marc Morehouse and Tom Kakery. The three talk about Greg Davis, Iowa's problems at running back and defensive line, and what adjustments the players are making this spring.

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