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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Jordan Canzeri Could Return By September


COACH FERENTZ MET WITH THE MEDIA BEFORE HE INTRODUCED COACH CAMPBELL AND MORGAN. Kirk Ferentz fielded questions on the status of Jordan Canzeri. He confirmed Canzeri did tear an ACL and had surgery yesterday. KF noted that with today's rehabilitation Canzeri could be cleared for football as early as September. KF noted that they'll do what's best for Jordan and won't have a "set plan." Ferentz also said that Canzeri's "welfare" is what's most important. Despite the optimistic message in his press conference, Ferentz did tell ESPN that he didn't think they could "count on Canzeri next fall."

BEFORE CANZERI CAN RETURN THERE'S REHAB. He noted on his Facebook wall that he wants to get back next season. Fortunately, there isn't structural damage to the knee. If he can't make it back there is still four years to play three. With a red shirt possible, Ferentz probably isn't ruling him out because he knows too well the nature of the Iowa running back position. Just because he's cleared doesn't mean he should play. But, let's remember that by November, he could be the only option left (damn you AIRBHG).

REESE MORGAN AND ERIK CAMPBELL ALSO GOT THEIR MOMENT WITH THE MEDIA. You can read the transcript (linked above) or watch the videos provided by Marc Morehouse (Ferentz video, Campbell video, Morgan video). I'll got bullet style here and try and summarize the biggest news.

  • Ferentz referred to Andre Dawson as "the new guy"
  • KF thinks Reese Morgan is better prepared for the challenge with this year's DL than Kaczenski
  • KF: Brian Ferentz has helped a little bit with the tight ends
  • KF believes all freshmen will qualify
  • KF: Barkley Hill will play in the Iowa Shrine game
  • KF: No foreseeable position changes
  • SOUP: Kevonte Martin-Manley is really starting to emerge
  • SOUP: Has no depth chart
  • SOUP: Jacob Hillyer is coming along
  • SOUP: "I'm prepared for a freshman to come in and help us."
  • SOUP: Marvin McNutt setting records and getting drafted will help WR recruiting
  • RM: Could see 6-8 man rotation on the DL
  • RM: "Darian Cooper is going to be an excellent player"
  • RM: Mentioned both Hardy and Spears as improving players
  • RM: Alvis and Carl Davis are practicing but on a very limited basis
  • RM: The defense will be fundamentally similar to Norm Parker's defenses
  • RM: Melvin Spears' nickname is evidently "Bud"
  • RM: Hopefully Casey McMillan will contribute
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MOREHOUSE SHOT MORE VIDEOS. Besides the coaches, Morehouse grabbed video of James Ferentz and Steve Bigach. James talks about what else? His older brother being his new position coach. Also, Bigach talks about playing defensive tackle and being the leader of the defensive line.


ESPN BIG TEN BLOGGER ADAM RITTENBERG WAS ALSO IN TOWN. He caught up with and posted this video with senior defensive back Micah Hyde. Micah talks about film study and how he becomes a playmaker. Hyde says the defensive backfield is "doing fine right now."

RITTENBERG ALSO SHOT VIDEO OF AN INTERVIEW WITH GREG DAVIS. Davis told Rittenberg that the biggest thing missing during his year off from coaching football was "being part of a team." Davis said he's trying to blend some of Iowa's zone run game with the passing game. He also said he's pleased with both De'Andre Johnson and Bullock and that he's not afraid to play a freshman running back. Finally, it sounds like catching from the backfield will be a priority for how they choose their running back.

GREG DAVIS ISN'T KEN O'KEEFE. We've read about how Greg Davis' arrival has meant a lot of new terminology. Now, we read this interesting note from quarterback James Vandenberg,

"The formations are completely different now. Protections are completely different. Combinations are completely different. It's not like anything we haven't seen, but it's just called something a little different now."

MIKE DANIELS FINALLY GOT HIS PRO DAY WORKOUT IN. Daniels suffered an injured labrum that prohibited him from working out with the rest of the team last month. He had an excellent day. Daniels weighed in at 293 pounds. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.93s, had a vertical leap of 36.5" and a broad jump of 9'11".

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