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VIDEO: WarHawks > Hawkeyes (In Football Entrance Videos, Anyway)

You probably don't know a lot about the UL-Monroe WarHawks football program, even though we played them last year (a 45-17 triumph for the good guys). That's okay. They play in the Sun Belt, after all. But they do have something going for them: a kick-ass entrance video at football games.

Courtesy @KegsNEggs and @valleyshook:

Meanwhile, Iowa is still using this modern classic:

Granted, neither of them are exactly HOCKEYBEAR levels of awesomeness* , but still: a giant hawk fighting World War II-era fighters sure beats the hell out of a semi truck plowing over a logo.

* BONUS! Here's last year's HOCKEYBEAR entrance video. It's not as good as the one linked above, but it does contain even more footage of HOCKEYBEAR doing what he does best: destroying life, the universe, and everything.