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BHGP March Madness Pick 'Em Results (AND NIT Pick 'Em Results!)

And so ends another hoopyball season. We had good times and we had bad times, but we did get to enjoy our first taste of postseason action in a half-decade, so that was cool.

As usual, we had our BHGP College Pick 'Em contest for the NCAA Tournament. You can see the full results here, but the winner was our very own StoopsMyAss, who took home top honors by nailing 3/4 of the Final Four (everyone but Louisville) and correctly pegging Kentucky to beat Kansas in the final. Kudos to you, Stoopsy, and you'll no doubt be the envy of every hipster in NYC in your new BHGP shirt.

Meanwhile, in honor of Iowa's NIT trip, I also decided to run an NIT Pick 'Em, which garnered significantly more interest than I had expected -- that coupled with the need to manually compile scores (the interwebs is truly a poorer place for not having an automated NIT pick 'em contest) resulted in this delay in posting the final results. Mea culpa.

1) Assault & Slattery - 49
2) josephacampbell - 47
3) ck4 - 43
4) M. Hull - 38
5) me - 33

6) B. Briehl - 32
7) D. Dox - 32
8) J. Marsh - 31
9) S. W-Ross - 29
10) D. Beckwith - 29
11) D. Berger - 29
12 T. Dillard - 28
13) B. Kelsey - 28
14) L. Fox - 27
15) K. Walleser - 26
16) C. Short - 26
17) M. Christensen - 26
18) M. Herbrandson - 26
19) K. Christen - 25
20) BStylinHawkeye - 25
21) EPIC IOWA - 24
22) F. Crawford - 24
23) T. Swanson -24
24) S. Peuller - 24
25) nhradar - 24

Thanks to all who participated and congrats to the winner, Assault & Slattery. I'll contact you with details for getting your prize. Three people picked Stanford as the winner and a few more picked them into the finals. Not a single person picked Minnesota into the finals, though. Washington, Miami, Tennessee, and Arizona were unsurprisingly popular finals picks, although I was a little surprised by how many Drexel backers there were here. Y'all love you some Dragons, I guess.

And credit to FOTP Buddy Light for submitting the Greatest Bracket Ever.