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Democracy Simply Doesn't Work: Rejected Iowa Corn Trophy Edition, Part 3

In this series we look back at a few of my entries in the Iowa Corn trophy contest that failed to make the cut.* Parts 1 and Parts 2 can be found here.

*This did not actually happen.

ENTRY #3: The Wacky Staircase

STATED REASON FOR REJECTION: "This trophy is physically impossible and therefore violates rule one for the Iowa Corn Trophy Competition: "All trophies must be physically possible." Also, the suggestion that Iowa and Iowa State are stuck in a never-ending up-and-down procession centered around football where neither ever truly achieves anything is inimical to the ideal of friendly competition that lies at the heart of the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk rivalry. Additionally, we're not sure why Babe the Pig is there, but we're pretty sure you're making fun of someone."