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Democracy Simply Doesn't Work, Rejected Iowa Corn Trophy Edition Part 2

In this series we look back at a few of my entries in the Iowa Corn trophy contest that failed to make the cut.* Part 1 can be found here.

*This did not actually happen.

ENTRY #2: The Colossus of Paul Rhoads

STATED REASON FOR REJECTION: "There are several problems with this design: One, constructing a colossal bronze Herky that could be seen from space would require a vast expenditure of labor, money, raw materials, and doubtless human life; needless to say, that would exceed our $500 budget for the trophy. Second, there is minimal reference to corn or Iowa Corn in the colossus. [Author's note: I have to object here: there's corn everywhere in that photo.] Third, Herky's foot appears to be positioned on Saylorville Lake, and our hydrologic engineers inform us that this would be an ill-advised site for construction, due to shifting bedrock and the hazards of underwater construction. Fourth, Cy the Cyclone is smaller than Herky by a factor of at least 20. While we appreciate the ambition of this effort, we are going to have to respectfully decline your application."