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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Greg Davis And Phil Parker Speak, Again


(H/T @theIowaHawkeyes)

BEFORE WE GET TO SATURDAY'S SCRIMMAGE. A new two-deep was released. Keenan Davis' name is missing; he suffered a minor injury and will miss Saturday's scrimmage. Red shirt freshman Austin Blythe has moved into a tie for the first-string right guard position. Also, walk-on red shirt freshman Travis Perry takes a second-string outside linebacker spot in place of injured Shane Dibona.

BOTH DAVIS AND PARKER WILL COACH FROM THE BOOTH THIS YEAR. There is several interesting notes from both Iowa's coordinators. Here is the transcript for Davis, and for Parker. If you prefer video you can watch them here and here. Here is a collection of the most interesting news, bullet style:

  • GD: "this is only 39 springs I've been in, and I've never had a tight end like C.J."
  • We'll see tight ends split out, possibly after motion or audibles
  • Davis thinks Iowa needs to be faster, especially to spread the field
  • They are working on various speeds of the no-huddle
  • GD on JVB: "when I go to the meeting room, he's already there watching film. He's got a list of questions."
  • GD: A no-huddle works best when you go in and out of it
  • GD: Kevonte Martin-Manley will play primarily in the slot
  • GD: Jake Rudock's head is spinning, typical for red shirt freshmen
  • They've worked out of the shotgun a lot, Davis likes Iowa's run game from the shotgun
  • PP; Defensive line has made progress
  • PP: "Spears really came out and did a good job in the last week or so"
  • PP: "Joe Gaglione is really a solid kid at the left end right now"
  • PP: "I'm looking for Cole Fisher to move up a little bit and help out there"
  • PP: To help the DL they'll play press on the outside, eight in the box
  • PP: "We will add guys to the box a little bit, whether it's a secondary guy or bring a little bit more blitz"
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WE TALKED ABOUT IT YESTERDAY, THE COACHES TALKED ABOUT IT TOO. Greg Davis said, "we're doing some tempo stuff in our no-huddle. Some of that has been extremely fast no-huddle, and I'm pleased with that." We also talked about the Texas quick passing game. There was some mention of that too.

WE ALSO TALKED ABOUT THE TIGHT ENDS. C.J. Fiedorowicz received lots of praise from Davis. Per Davis,

"There's been several times this spring where it's a one-on-one situation. The defensive guy is where he should be, James (Vandenberg) is throwing the ball, and it's a completion, just because of size and match-ups."

Vandenberg and Fiedorowicz is Iowa's strength. Davis said he'd focus the offense around those strengths. If Iowa runs 100% shotgun or what percentage of no-huddle will depend on the opponent. It also depends on how well this team absorbs Davis' new scheme.

THE PLAYERS ALSO DID SOME TALKING YESTERDAY. Morehouse has video from Anthony Hitchens, Tanner Miller and Dominic Alvis. Hitchens talks about his starting role at linebacker. Miller discusses his new assignments at safety with Iowa playing press coverage. And finally, Alvis talks about recovering from his knee injury and what changes he's noticed from last year to this spring.

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