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Fran and Gary Go Sideways


At the Carver-Hawkeye Arena basketball addition, Fran McCaffery and Gary Barta recover from their defeat in the Marchifornication finals.
Franicon_medium I can't believe we lost to those bastards, Gary.

Barta2icon_medium What can you do, Fran? It's football-town.

Franicon_medium Yeah, I guess so. It's just I've been trying so hard to turn Iowa into a basketball school, keep everything on an even keel, telling people not to go sideways (in a variety of contexts)... it's just frustrating.

Barta2icon_medium Shoot, Franchise, you need to relax. Marchifornication's over and you've earned a break.

Franicon_medium Hey, you're right! I have earned a break.

Barta2icon_medium Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Franicon_medium Barta2icon_medium LET'S GO SIDEWAYS!







Franicon_medium WAIT WAIT WAIT!

Barta2icon_medium What? We were just starting to have fun!

Franicon_medium No! We've gone too far sideways! Look at my face!


Franbeardicon_medium We must have gone into some Lost-style parallel dimension when we chased that tornado. Who knows if I'm even the coach at Iowa anymore! Wait, what's this printout in my pocket...


Franicon_medium Barta2icon_medium WE HAVE TO GO BACK! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!

Several tedious and ultimately unsatisfying hours of television later, Fran and Gary make their way back to Carver ...


Franicon_medium Barta2icon_medium Let us never speak of this again.