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Michigan State 92, Iowa 75: Post-Game Airing Of Grievances

Well, second verse same as the first. Gnash your teeth! Rend some garments!

That game sucked. A lot. Aside from some early Zach McCabe heroics and some scorching-hot shooting from Josh Oglesby (20 points on 7/9 shooting), little went right for Iowa. Meanwhile, little went wrong for Sparty: Draymond Green put up a double-double (21 points, 10 rebounds) in just 24 minutes and as a team they shot a blistering 58%. Remember the pretty solid defensive efforts we'd seen from Iowa over the past month? Yeah, not so much in evidence today. So it goes.

Anyway, here's your thread to reflect, commiserate, or just call Ted Valentine a ninny. Feel free to discuss the other games this afternoon in this thread, too. My only hope is that this wasn't Matt Gatens' final game in an Iowa jersey. There's been conflicting reports on whether or not the CBI is a real possibility, but I certainly hope it is because it would be needlessly cruel for this performance (10 points on 1-6 shooting) to be his final effort for the Hawkeyes.

The standard open threading rules apply; I'm sure you remember them by now, yeah?