Herrooo from South Korea

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Hello BHGP nation,

My name is Capt Danny Hatz M.D. I am currently deployed out here at Kunsan AFB, South Korea with the USAF waiting to kick Kim Jon Un's huge cheezy poof eating cottage cheese covered ass up north. I was born in Iowa and grew up in Omaha, but still bled black and gold since I can remember. I blame my dad who I vaguely remember brainwashing me and my brothers, similar to the scene from clockwork orange with an 8mm projector and our eyes taped open, except it was replays of Timmy Dwight kick returns. Im a medical doctor for the AF but I also part of my job is to fly F16s. Occasionally, I can sneak some stuff up there and snap a picture if its a long flight. I took the following pic and thought my fellow Hawkeye-freaks would enjoy it.

I have lived in every major part of the US from Sacramento to South Carolina and every base I go to there is always a huge number of proud Hawkeye fans with shit plastered all over their cars and whatnot. We spread like fucking locus and it always bring a tear to my eye. Especially, when I see a dirty Jeep Wrangler in Seoul, Korea with a big obnoxious Tigerhawk tire cover on it. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share my pride and some cool pics.

I will have some more insightful post once football season nears. We will keep fighting the good fight over here and hopefully I can see the same on the field come Sept. Its gonna be a great day to be a Hawkeye over the next couple years.

Go Hawks,

Capt Danny Hatz M.D.


Kunsan AFB, ROK

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