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Jordan Canzeri Tears His ACL Because We Can't Have Nice Things (Or Running Backs)

<em>sigh. </em> (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
sigh. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Per Hawkeye Insider:

The father of Iowa running back Jordan Canzeri confirmed to Hawkeye Insider Thursday night that an MRI performed on his son revealed that he tore his ACL.

"Dr. (Ned) Amendola said it was the ACL but the good news is that the rest of the knee is solid," Brian Canzeri said. "He's going to have surgery next week and hopes to get back into practice in September."

Brian Canzeri said that he expects his son to ease into things when he's cleared to practice and will most likely redshirt for the 2012 season.

That's pretty much what we expected after the initial reports started leaking this afternoon, but still... fuck.

Canzeri was Iowa's leading returning rusher (a hollow title considering he ran for just 114 yards last year, but still technically true) and was listed as Iowa's starter at running back on the most recent depth chart. His absence means the sum total of Iowa's experience at running back is... 29 carries for 99 yards. TREMBLE AT OUR MIGHTY RUNNING GAME, DEFENSES OF THE BIG TEN!

I would say it's good news that the injury won't cost Canzeri any eligibility, since he still has a redshirt year available to use for the 2012 season... but while that is good news, it's also not at all surprising. The last Iowa running back to use a redshirt for something other than health reasons (and if the San Antonio Spurs can list Tim Duncan as DND - OLD on an injury report, then we can consider Brandon Wegher's baby mama-induced absence a "health reason") was... hell, I don't even know. Maybe Paki O'Meara? They tried to redshirt Damian Sims in 2004 before AIRBHG's blitzkrieg attack on the position left him as one of the last men left standing (him and the immortal Sam Brownlee, of course).

Speaking of... Pat Harty says there's no curse. Mike Hlas says there's no curse. Which, DUH. C'mon, guys, we've known there wasn't a curse for years. Curses are for B-movies and Cubs fans. Our problem is an angry deity whose running back bloodlust cannot be sated. And who even tweets! You can't say He didn't warn us, either:

(As for whether or not the Iowa training staff should look at what they're doing... There's an undeniable element of "shit happens" with ACL injuries -- Canzeri's, like so many others, happened out of the blue during a non-contact drill -- but the sheer number of ACL injuries at this position is certainly concerning. On the other hand, I'm sure they're as aware of that as a dumbass like me and they've probably taken a hard look at their training regimens. But if not? Couldn't hurt, guys!)

Canzeri's absence means that sophomore Damon Bullock becomes #1 on AIRBHG's Most Wanted list the current top name on the Iowa depth chart at running back. May God have mercy on him. Mas Casa lists the short term options for this spring here, which includes something named "Steve Fiorella." I thought I paid attention to walk-on lists and I still had no idea who that was. (My guess? He's probably the walk-on running back out of Chicago and not the RE/MAX agent.)

The bulk of the carries this spring will likely be split between Bullock, De'Andre Johnson, and Andre Dawson, at least until a plague of locusts, a river of blood, and a horrible accident involving a combine remove them from consideration. Long-term, Canzeri's injury likely removed any doubt whatsoever (as if there was any) that incoming freshmen Barkley Hill and Greg Garmon will see time at running back this fall. Ah, Iowa running back: where opportunity is always knocking. But don't answer: it's AIRBHG and he has a crowbar aimed right at your knee, you sad, hopeless bastard.