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MARCHIFORNICATION 2012: Matt Gatens Introduces The Outsiders

Gary_dolphin_icon_medium Welcome back to Marchifornication.

Gary_dolphin_icon_medium I'm Gary Dolphin, joined by Gary "Bloodpunch" Barta.

Gary_dolphin_icon_medium And Bloodpunch, a big win by Ken O'Keefe over his former tag team partner, Jamie Pollard.

Iconbarta_medium Let me say this: I was hoping Jamie would pull that off, because when I dispatch with Vandenberg next week, I wanted that poor excuse for an athletic director waiting to feel my wrath.

Iconbarta_medium So instead, I get Ken O'Keefe, a man I tried to fire no less than 84 times.

Iconbarta_medium He might not have given me a shot at number 85, but I'm going to get my...

Gary_dolphin_icon_medium /looks to his left

Gary_dolphin_icon_medium /runs away


Icongatens_medium Hey yo ken doll

Iconbarta_medium Matt. Good. I'm glad you're here. I think we need to discuss this --

Icongatens_medium Do yourself a favor and shut up.

Icongatens_medium I told you earlier this week to get three of your best, and we would take you on .

Barta2icon_medium I still don't know who "we" is, Matt, but I don't care. This behavior is totally unacceptable. You're not even in Marchifornication. You shouldn't even be out here. I suggest you go back to Carver and --

Icongatens_medium /grins, points behind Barta

Barta2icon_medium What?

Barta2icon_medium WHAT?

Barta2icon_medium /feels tap on his shoulder


Brommericon_medium You've been sitting out here for four years, running your mouth.

Brommericon_medium This is where the big boys play football, huh?

Brommericon_medium Look at the adjective: Football.

Brommericon_medium We ain't here to play football.

Brommericon_medium Now Matt said Tuesday that we were going to be here. And now I'm here.

Brommericon_medium You still don't have your three people, and you know why?

Brommericon_medium Because nobody wants to face us.

Brommericon_medium Your football program is about as interesting as Greg Davis reading excerpts from Slaughterhouse-Five.

Barta2icon_medium I don't want any trouble, Andrew. Just say your peace and move on.

Brommericon_medium You don't want trouble? Yeah, because I'll kick your teeth down your throat.

Brommericon_medium Where's your three guys? What, you couldn't find enough guys who aren't dead from boredom?

Brommericon_medium Where's Ferentz? Out mustering another up on a Caribbean cruise?

Brommericon_medium Where's Vandenberg? Running away from bears in Canada?

Brommericon_medium We're here! Where are your guys?

Barta2icon_medium I don't have authority to name three guys now. You want a fight now? You fight with me.

Barta2icon_medium If you'll wait until Monday, I'll name my guys. You want a fight then? You can have it.

Icongatens_medium Hey big man, we waited seven years for him to build the practice facility. We waited two weeks for him to name his guys. We can wait a weekend.

Icongatens_medium Barta, we'll see you Monday. And you'd best not be alone when we get there.

Meanwhile, in the basement of the Hayden Fry Football Complex...

Coachmachine_icon_medium Coachmachine_2_medium

Coachmachine_icon_medium Coachmachine_3_medium

Coachmachine_icon_medium Coachmachine_4_medium

Coachmachine_icon_medium Vending_display_1000_000_medium

Coachmachine_icon_medium bleepy bloopy

Coachmachine_icon_medium whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Coachmachine_icon_medium bleepbloopwhirrrrrrrrr

Coachmachine_icon_medium PING

Coachmachine_icon_medium Vending_display_1000_00k_medium

Coachmachine_icon_medium whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbleepwhirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr