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INPIYLTI: Best Of CycloneFanatic, Recruit Charles Rogers Arrested

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U MAD BRO?  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
U MAD BRO? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Okay, so if you're not familiar with the Best of Cyfan series it was something I put together for the old psd blog. After many requests (like two tweets) I decided to bring it out of its short retirement. Why? Probably because it's the football and basketball off-season, it's Friday and laughs are good.

ANY-WHO, HERE'S THE DEAL. It's truly not a thread about Cyclone sports without at least one Hawkeye mention. A news story breaks that's Cyclone related and I, as a great sacrifice for you, comb through Iowa State's number one source for news and fan opinion and provide the quotes of the best comments for you.

Ready? Okay.

HERE'S THE LATEST. Incoming Iowa State football recruit Charles Rogers, of Iowa City, was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting last week at Scheels in Coral Ridge Mall. Rogers is scheduled to appear in court April 19th for the misdemeanor charge. He is considered the third best recruit in the state of Iowa for 2012 and received three stars from recruiting service

HERE IS A SAMPLING OF CYCLONE FANATIC. Here's the thread if you'd like to read them all.

UNIGuy4Cy has the latest, kinda.

"He is in Florida for spring break must not be too bad."

I'm pretty sure the link says he was arrested for suspicion of stealing two hats, not armed robbery.

Okay, now every Cyclone arrest thread isn't complete without the Hawkeye jokes. And by jokes I mean real zingers.

ISUCY23 gets the comedy rolling with this classic:

"I wonder with these credentials, if iowa will recruit him now..."


Tejascione jumps in on the fun!

"He hasn't come close to qualifying for Iowa yet. No one was assaulted."

Cymaniac17 wants us all to step back for a second. This isn't serious, I mean no lack of better judgement here. This crime is minimal people, let him learn from this.

"he's 18. he stole $45 worth of merchandise. Life goes on. It's a learning experience and there's no need to crucify him."

More after the jump.

But wait! PerkyforHerky showed up to troll the faithful. In response to ISUCY23's post quoted above, PfH pointed this out:

Why would he switch when ISU is clearly outperforming Iowa so far?

Earl Brooks - January 10, 2012 - Causing injury without intent
Matthew Thomas - February 8, 2012 - Fourth-degree theft
Durrell Givens - February 18, 2012 - Possession of a controlled substance
Pierce Richardson - March 3, 2012 - Public Intox, Interference with police acts
Jake Lattimer - March 9, 2012 - Interference with police acts, public intox, disorderly conduct

CyDude16 was all over that with this reply:

Brooks and Lattimer were done with their playing careers, so take those out of the equation. And Thomas' charges, from what I hear are going to be dropped because it was someone else.

But you did forget Durran Hollis. Stay sharper next time.

So three guys... Congrats, and try again.

And finally, the last one, from Tre4ISU:

Here's a true story:

I was interviewing for a pretty damn good job just out of college. They did the background check and all that. When I was speaking with what would have been my boss' boss, he told me it wasn't ordinary for someone to have a completely clean background throughout college and for this particular job, it's not a red flag if they have a PI or even two. I felt like I had to talk him into the fact that I did party. I didn't take the job but I feel like he would have been cool to work for.

ACCORDING TO FULMER CUP RULES a player must be on the team roster for the points to count. Iowa State is currently alone in ninth place in the latest Fulmer Cup standings prior to this most recent arrest. If the Cyclones are awarded two points they could easily move up to fifth place. The Cyclones have never won the coveted Fulmer Cup but with strong contributions from youngsters like Rogers, the Cyclones could finish in the top five for the second season in a row.

YES I KNOW ABOUT GLASS HOUSES. About our own backyard, Montell Marion pleaded guilty to driving while barred. Marion had a multitude of moving violations, including an OWI. He'll pay a fine and have his license revoked until November. He can operate a vehicle to and from work/class.

MARC MOREHOUSE MOVES TO DISCUSSING THE DLINE IN HIS FOUR DOWNS SERIES. It's the biggest question mark heading into the 2012 football season. How well will the underclassmen that fill the two-deeps along the defensive line perform? Iowa, historically, has had their best seasons in terms of wins when the defense is capable of stopping the run and controlling the line of scrimmage. If this unit can't improve from last season - or worse, regress - how will the team overcome it's biggest weakness?

Iowa loses Thomas Nardo, Mike Daniels, Lebron Daniel and Broderick Binns from last season's front four. Junior Dominic Alvis showed some promise mid-season taking over the starting role at defensive end from Lebron Daniel. Alvis suffered an ACL tear against Michigan and will miss spring ball but head coach Kirk Ferentz believes he'll be ready to go in June.

This year's first string includes three 19 year olds. That's right, three red shirt freshmen across the front four. Senior Steve Bigach joins Riley McMinn, Darian Cooper and Dean Tsopanides in the line-up, for now. That's crazy young and perhaps crazy to expect a statistical improvement from what was the Big Ten's seventh rated rush defense in 2011.

MIKE GESELL NAMED NEBRASKA GATORADE PLAYER OF THE YEAR. Mike Gesell, Iowa's point guard-to-be, was named Gatorade's Player of the Year for the state of Nebraska. This is the second consecutive year Gesell has earned the honor. Marcus Paige, of Linn-Mar, was named GPotY for the state of Iowa.

FINALLY SOME NAMES EMERGE FOR POTENTIAL 2012 BASKETBALL RECRUITS. Head coach Fran McCaffery has said he may use the one remaining scholarship he currently has remaining. Since there are five incoming freshmen a JUCO player makes the most sense for the final offer. Van Coleman told Pat Harty that these three prospects are on Iowa's radar: Nick Wiggins, Kendal Jennings and Adam Link. Harty also lists some high school prospects too. Here's real quick what I could find on the players listed. I'll try to get some more later and add anything in the comments.

Nick Wiggins 6'6" SG - Wabash Valley CC - Averaged 17 points per game and shoots 53% from the floor. He claims offers from Wichita, Baylor and Oregon State. He's looking for a place that plays up-and-down basketball and a chance to play right away.

Kendal Jennings - 6'7" F - Columbia State CC - Statistics are for only nine games. He averaged 18 points and nine rebounds. He also shoots over 40% from beyond the three point line.

Adam Link - 6'6" F - Otero Junior College - Link was first team all-region. He averaged 12 points a game and 8.5 rebounds.

Leroy Fludd - 6'5" F - Brooklyn, NY - Lists offers from Kent State, Xavier and Providence. Fludd's high school team recently won the AA title and Fludd added 17 points and 12 rebounds.

Terry Brutus - 6'5" F - Spring Valley, NY - He has several offers from mid-majors. He also had some interest last year from Minnesota. Brutus recently visited Iona.

Ryan Taylor - 6'5" F - Hargrave - He originally signed with Louisville but academics forced him to prep school. An article in November says he's looking at Cincinnati, Arkansas and Dayton.

Anthony January- 6'8" F - Woodland Hills, CA - Claims offers from UNLV, Memphis and New Mexico. January scored 24 points and had 19 rebounds in his team's city title game.

Carlos Morris - 6'5" SG - Jacksonville, Fl - Claims offers from Cincinnati, Arkansas and South Carolina, to name a few. Morris gave South Carolina his verbal commitment but didn't sign last fall. He held out to observe the coaching situation and has since opened his recruitment.

KEENAN DAVIS TALKS SPRING FOOTBALL. Hawkeye Sports caught up with senior wide receiver Keenan Davis after Iowa's first practice of spring football. Davis discussed Marvin McNutt, the youth at wide receiver and new offensive coordinator Greg Davis. Keenan said of Greg Davis, "I love that guy already."

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