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How the Iowa Hawkeyes spent Spring Break: A photo essay

In case you missed it, last week was Spring Break for the University of Iowa and many other schools across the nation. As a poor college student, Spring Break usually meant spending a week at my parents' house watching the NCAA Tournament (some would say I was destined to work with a blog), but that's not the case for others. And to you I say: go to hell good for you! Of course, students are not the only individuals who get to enjoy Spring Break, so I made it a point to find out what some of BHGP's favorites did last week and dispatched my legion of paparazzi to get some entirely discreet photographic evidence. Here's what they found:


The Ferentz men stepped out in Iowa City in a matching ensemble


Iowa athletic director Gary Barta impressed members of the media with his rendition of "Moon River"


Former Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi and President Obama shared a laugh during last Wednesday's security report


Meanwhile, Lester Erb worked on Iowa's special teams


New defensive coordinator Phil Parker made his long awaited return to "Modern Family"


While former defensive coordinator Norm Parker won the Cedar Rapids Grand Prix


Former offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe is already making a splash in Miami


Reese and Erik successfully defended their World Tag Team Belts against the Headbangers


Finally, Greg Davis continued his career as the United States' foremost polo shirt model