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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: The Cycle Of Another Football Season Has Officially Reset

SPRING PRACTICE CAN BEGIN. Kirk Ferentz started off another spring football session by meeting with the media. The University of Iowa also released the spring prospectus and the football two-deeps. There's new coaches, a lot of new names in the two-deeps. A lot of new.

You can watch Ferentz via YouTube videos here, or you can read the transcript. I'll do my best to highlight some of the key points.

A LOT OF FORMER PLAYERS ARE IN TOWN WORKING OUT AT THE FACILITY. Ferentz talked a little bit about Iowa's Pro Day and mentioned that a few former players were in town to get their workout on. Aaron Kampman, Casey Weigman, Scott Chandler and Matt Kroul are just to name a few.

THERE ARE AT LEAST TWO PLAYERS OFFICIALLY OUT FOR SPRING BALL. And both happen to be defensive linemen, a position of concern for Iowa 2012. Carl Davis has something with his knee. Dominic Alvis is still recovering from his season ending ACL tear last fall. Both players are expected to be ready in June for summer workouts.

ABOUT THE DLINE. Ferentz is looking at his upperclassmen Steve Bigach and Joe Gaglione to step up this season. Both are listed in the two-deeps, Bigach a starter, Gaglione second string. They are mixed in with five red shirt freshmen.

ABOUT THE OLINE. James Ferentz is the lone starter with his name firmly established along the Iowa two-deep. Kirk Ferentz mentioned he liked Matt Tobin's flexibility at playing both guard and tackle. Kirk also said he believes Brandon Scherff, Andrew Donnal and Bret Van Sloten are his top three tackles. There's also Nolan MacMillan and Ferentz says he's "on the right path right now."

ABOUT NEW COACHES AND CHANGE. We fans think things are getting stale, maybe Ferentz does too. I could be reading too much into this but I think this quote is interesting.

Had we not had any changes staff wise, I think we were at the point where every year we go back and review, but we need to take things apart and look a little closer. As an example, on offense, you start somewhere in 1999, you get six, seven years into it, you add something. Things kind of flow and make sense when you are starting something out. When you add something along the way, 10 years later you look at it, Why are we calling this and that? Just because.

Ferentz added,

It's given us a chance to examine everything we're doing on both sides of the football. I think we've kind of streamlined some things. Obviously with Greg coming in from the outside, we really had a meeting of the minds there. Greg has been a real delight to work with. He's a real professional. Just a tremendous person. Great expertise.

I think we're really comfortable with the path we're going down right now. But there's a lot of new nomenclature, terminology, and we're all learning right now. Even the old dogs are trying to learn some new tricks.

More after the jump.

Ferentz continued discussing change when he was asked "Was there a moment or time when something told you you needed some changes?" He replied,

"Oh, I don't know if there's a defining moment at all. The bottom line is, we're 4 4, which I think you're well aware of. We're 4 4 the last two years. If that's the best you can do, there's nothing wrong with that. We've been here 13 years. There's not a year we haven't felt like we left something out there. It's the nature of coaching I think.

So the bottom line is we want to move forward. If 4 4 is the best we can be, that's fine. But we're shooting for something higher than that certainly, always have been. I think, again, the downside of continuity, stability I think is sometimes you just kind of stay on that same path."

ABOUT SOME OF THE NEW FACES. Ferentz considers Jordan Lomax one of the top four options at corner. Johnny Lowdermilk is listed at free safety and will have an uphill battle to unseat Tanner Miller. Nico Law gets the nod at strong safety for now but Collin Sleeper is the veteran. Also, Austin Blythe will battle for one of the open spots along the offensive line.

SOME OLD FACES BUT NEW NEWS. Shane Dibona is recovering well from his torn Achilles. Dakota Getz (ACL) is getting back but he is still not 100%. James Morris is back in the middle after Tyler Nielsen took that role late last season. Also, John Weinke and Jonny Mullings are battling it out for the punter position.

KIRK FERENTZ CONTINUED THE CONVERSATION AFTERWARDS. As usual, more Ferentz quotes are available On the Side. He talks about coaching style, predictability on offense, parallels to 2008 and new position coaches. He was asked if the average fan will notice differences in the offense to which he replied, "At times, maybe. Not always (snort)."

MARC MOREHOUSE HAS HIS QUICK SLANTS which includes some additional tidbits. Micah Hyde, while not spectacular returning punts last season, is still the team's number one option there. Jason White did leave the program and will seek playing time elsewhere next fall. And finally, there's a short - what will be the first of many, I'm sure - OLine scouting report.

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