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This won't be the only open thread we have for today, but this will do for a start. In the interest of not overrunning the site with open threads, we're just going to discuss both the NCAA wrestling and NCAA basketball tournaments in here. If you don't care about wrestling, just ignore those comments. If you don't care about basketball, just ignore those comments. And, lo, we shall all live in harmony. When this thread gets big enough, I'll make a new one.

Session I: 11am (VIDEO:, AUDIO: Hawkeye All-Access, KXIC AM 800)
125: #1 Matt McDonough v. Jared Germaine (Eastern Michigan)
133: #3 Tony Ramos v. Brian Owen (Boise St)
141: #3 Montell Marion v. Mike Morales (West Virginia)
149: n/a
157: #2 Derek St. John v. Drake Houdashelt (Missouri)
165: #5 Mike Evans v. Kyle Blevins (Appy State)
174: #5 Ethen Lofthouse v. Dave Foxen (Brown)
184: UN Grant Gambrall v. #8 Ryan Loder (UNI)
197: n/a
HWT: #5 Bobby Telford v. Blayne Beale (UNI)

11:15am: #6 Murray State v. #11 Colorado State (CBS)
11:40am: #8 Kansas State v. #9 Southern Miss (TruTV)
12:40pm: #4 Louisville v. #13 Davidson (TBS)
1:10pm: #4 Wisconsin v. #13 Montana (TNT)

1:45pm: #3 Marquette v. #14 BYU (CBS)
2:10pm: #1 Syracuse v. #16 UNC-Asheville (TruTV)
3:10pm: #5 New Mexico v. #12 Long Beach State (TBS)
3:40pm: #5 Vanderbilt v. #12 Harvard (TNT)

The usual rules of open threads apply, as always. Behave and have fun. This is one of the finest sports weekends of the year -- let's enjoy it.