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Teach Me How To Bracketology (And Join The BHGP College Pick 'Em Group)

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These guys love brackets -- don't you?  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
These guys love brackets -- don't you? (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Like filling out brackets? Of course you do. I'm surprised some enterprising BHGPer hasn't already created a Marchifornication bracket contest. But I digress... We're all focused on basketball brackets this week and the joy that comes from filling them out, competing against one another, and swelling with joy at our correct picks (and shrinking in sadness at our mistakes). Which means you should support BHGP and our friends at Yahoo! and check out their "Wisdom of the Crowds" bracket challenge; click here for more details. It's fun, easy, and you can win prizes. Hooray!

While you're filling out brackets at Yahoo!, you should also join the BHGP College Pick 'Em group if you haven't already.

Group Name: BHGP College Pick 'Em
Group ID#: 69131
Password: hawkeye

Winner gets a BHGP shirt of their choice.

And while you're filling out your bracket, why not give the rest of us an idea of the method to your particular brand of madness. What's your strategy for filling out a bracket? Suggestions include:

* NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS. Like RPI? SOS? PPG? Usage rates? eFG? KenPom? Sagarin? All the advanced stats you can shake an abacus at? Sure, why not. The numbers never lie, right? (Except when they do, dirty stinkin' numbers.)

* CONFERENCE LOYALTY. Go B1G or go home, amirite? Bring on my Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State, Michigan final four! Give me my Michigan State-Ohio State national championship! (NOTE: this strategy is difficult to employ if you happen to be a partisan for a mid-major conference, such as the MAC, Patriot League, or Pac-12.)

* MASCOT DEATHMATCH! My nephews are big proponents of this method. Two mascots enter, one mascot leaves! There can be only one survivor! Frankly, human mascots (particularly those with guns) tend to have a pretty big advantage in this method. Major weakness: teams with abstract mascots (I'm lookin' at you "Red Storm" and "Cardinal.")

* COLORS OF THE RAINBOW. That team wears red? Ick. You're going to ride blue all the way to the top of the mountain, aren't you? But which blue? Navy blue? Royal blue? Powder blue? Decisions, decisions, decisions...

* POLL YOUR NIECE/COUSIN/GRANDPARENT/ETC. Hey, one of them is always winning your family pool anyway, right? Might as well pick their brains for their obviously foolproof strategies.

* COIN FLIP. Ah, good ol' random chance. Tails never fails, right?

What's your preference? Hit up the comments.

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