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We're Talkin' New Hires: Kirk Ferentz Press Conference OPEN THREAD

Hey, didn't we just do this a week ago? Yes, we did, when Iowa officially signed their 2012 football recruiting class. And normally in the press-phobic world of Punxsutawney Phil Kirk that would mean six more weeks of no news until spring football starts up. But in case you've been living under a rock for the last few months, there's been a bit more turmoil than we're used to on the Iowa coaching staff. Norm Parker's departure wasn't exactly surprising, but Rick Kaczenski and Ken O'Keefe? Yeah, we weren't expecting those. So we've found ourselves in the throes of the biggest football coaching searches at Iowa since Ferentz himself landed here in 1999.

Thanks to the press release from Iowa last night, we know a little bit about the new-look staff: Phil Parker replaces Norm Parker at defensive coordinator, while Darrell Wilson replaces Phil Parker at defensive backs coach and Reese Morgan replaces Rick Kaczenski at defensive line coach. Ferentz has scheduled a presser today at 4pm CT, likely to discuss those moves. He may also discuss the impending moves on offense and the transfers of Messrs. Derby, Coker, and McCall in January. Or not, per Mas Casa.

In terms of coverage, we'll provide updates here and it looks like it should be streaming on KCRG's website and on the radio on KXNO in the Des Moines area. Not sure about other coverage options.

And hey, look at it this way: it's still better than having a press conference about a goddamn rhabdo outbreak.