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We're Talkin' Wrestling: Iowa vs. Wisconsin LIVEGAMEOPENTHREAD

As you might have noticed, there was no We Must Break You this weekend. Part of that was due to Signing Day madness, the KOK surprise, and general life busyness. But it was also due to the fact that there isn't much of a need to preview this meet. Wisconsin is bad. Like bottom of the Big Ten bad. They have been getting steamrolled by, oh, pretty much everyone. Michigan beat them 21-12, just Northwestern beat them 33-9, Penn State beat them 43-0, Purdue beat them 41-3, Minnesota beat them 37-3, Nebraska beat them 36-0, and Illinois beat them 38-3.

Iowa has three dual meet losses this season, but all three losses were to top-ten caliber opponents. Wisconsin is far, far, far from that level. They have exactly one ranked wrestler in their lineup: Ben Jordan (12th at 165). Iowa should be favored in almost every match -- if not all of them. This could -- and absolutely should -- be a rout. It's also Senior Day, which means it's the final CHA appearance for a handful of guys. 2-3 of the starters will be seniors -- Montell Marion at 141, Vinnie Wagner at 184, and possibly Blake Rasing at HWT -- but there are a few other seniors in the reserve ranks: Tyler Clark at 133, Stew Gillmor at 157, Tyler Halverson at 141, and JJ Krutsinger at 133. Thanks to all of them for their hard work over the past 4-5 years; they haven't gotten any of the glory that their more celebrated peers have, but their hard work in the training room is essential for the success of those same starters.

The meet is on AM-800 KXIC as well as Hawkeye All Access (audio and video; $$$) at 1pm CT.

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