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Greg Davis Officially Hired As Offensive Coordinator

It's officially official: Greg Davis is Iowa's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. The school made the announcement this afternoon, accompanied by what we'd have to call a come-hither gaze in Davis' new mugshot (either that or he's making his genius thinking face, because offensive coordinators do lots of thinking).

Davis has also officially been named Iowa's quarterbacks coach, as Ken O'Keefe held both roles too. Past that, Iowa released a statement from Kirk Ferentz in that earlier announcement, which comprises the entirety of what we didn't already know last week:

"We are thrilled to have Greg Davis join our staff." said Ferentz. "Greg has enjoyed great success during his career and I believe that can be attributed directly to the combination of his football expertise and teaching skills.

"Greg's units have demonstrated impressive production and they have done so using a variety of systems and styles - he has done an outstanding job of playing towards the strengths and abilities of the players with which he has worked.

"While Greg's body of work on the field has been stellar, I have been even more impressed with the many positive things I have learned about Greg as a person and staff member. I am very confident he will be a tremendous asset to our program, campus and community."

BHGP readers gave the hire a "decent" grade for the most part, and while we writers are rather whelmed by Davis -- I refer you once again to Vint's 1900-word breakdown of Davis and his Texas career -- it's important to note that initial reactions are only worth anything when there's no actual data to work off of. It's Greg Davis' offense now; time for him to make it work and reap the rewards if it does, and reap the consequences if it doesn't.