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Junior Senior - Move Your Feet from Manolis_G on Vimeo.

As if, as if we could run with anything else tonight. It's a win against Wisconsin. It's a sweep for the year. It's one more win to secure a .500 record on the year. And it's Matt Gatens, playing at a level we haven't seen from a Hawkeye since... well, who?

Gater's obviously the man of the match with 33 of Iowa's 67 points, including a ridiculous 7-9 performance from behind the arc. His streak of consecutive three-pointers ended at 12, but... he had a streak of 12 straight three-pointers. Also, he hit two late free throws to ice the game; Jordan Taylor banked in a 3 at the buzzer to make it a 1-point margin at the final, but Wisconsin never had the ball in a one-possession game after the first five minutes of the game. The Badgers came close, but every time, Iowa shut the door.

I'll leave the rest of the analysis to HEC and the Fran-Graphs tomorrow, but one last observation is that the student section was electric all night long, and Iowa needs to think long and hard about letting the students in free for the season finale vs, NITwestern. I don't want to say Iowa couldn't have made that upset happen without a rocking student section, because how would you ever know that, but on a school night with crappy weather and an 8 PM tipoff, it seems pretty clear that there wouldn't have been nearly as much energy in Carver-Hawkeye if you're charging the students admission.

But ah! We're getting off the topic here. LET US PARTY, FRIENDS.