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Ken O'Keefe Goes to Florida

The Florida Everglades, yesterday

Iconokeefe_medium Thank you for joining me here, Brandon

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium ya sure coach

Iconokeefe_medium Aren't you wondering why we're here?

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium naw man this is fun

Iconokeefe_medium You're having fun?

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium i like airboats

Iconokeefe_medium Well, we're here because I tho--

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium and turtles

Iconokeefe_medium I beg your pardon?

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium i like turtles

Iconokeefe_medium ...

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium ...

Iconokeefe_medium OK then. We're here because I'm your new coach, and I feel like your previous training was lacking a certain component.

Iconokeefe_medium The receivers on this team lack mental toughness.

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium you mean like science?

Iconokeefe_medium What?

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium science hurts my brain

Iconokeefe_medium I don't think I follow--

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium are we gonna cut up a turtle? because i don't want to cut up a turtle. i like...

Iconokeefe_medium like turtles. Yes, yes, I know. No, Brandon, we are not dissecting a turtle.

Iconokeefe_medium Look over there.

Iconokeefe_medium /points behind Brandon Marshall

Gator_icon_medium GROWL

Iconokeefe_medium Wrestle that crocodile, Brandon.

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium pretty sure thats a alligator coach

Iconokeefe_medium Fine. Whatever. Wrestle it.

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium um...

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium no.

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium /runs away from alligator


Iconokeefe_medium You can't outrun a gator in the swamp, Brandon! You have no choice but to...

Iconokeefe_medium Brandon?


Iconokeefe_medium Aw, damn it.

Iconokeefe_medium This was a lot easier with Christensen and Vandenberg.

Iconokeefe_medium Okay, replace the ball with another alligator.


Brandon-marshall-icon_medium AAAAHHHH

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium AAAAHHHH

Gator_icon_medium /chomps at Brandon Marshall's hand

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium /sits up in bed

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium /takes a deep breath

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium aw man what a dream

Blackicon_medium Are you OK, Brandon?

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium yah just had a nightmare

Blackicon_medium Do you need anything?

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium naw just gonna grab some water

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium /turns on light

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium aw hey coach oh keefe

Iconokeefe_medium ...

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium ...

Iconokeefe_medium Wait, you're not freaked out that I'm here?

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium naw coach oh keefe

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium your staying wit me while they find you a house, remember?

Brandon-marshall-icon_medium silly coach oh keefe

Iconokeefe_medium I miss college already.