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We're Talkin' Non-Answers: Kirk Ferentz Signing Day Press Conference Open Thread

Kirk Ferentz is speaking to the press for the first time since the Insight Bowl today and while the topic is ostensibly National Signing day and the crop of recruits Iowa harvested this year* there's sure to be a few questions about the Neverending Defensive Coordinator Search and the Marcus Coker, Mika'il McCall, and A.J. Derby transfers, too. Granted, Ferentz will almost certainly say nothing of interest or consequence in response to those questions, but still: they will be asked! (Maybe. Probably.) On the bright side? No rhabdo questions this year.

* See, I can make all kinds of Iowa farming references! Sign me up, mainstream media! I'm ready to graduate to the big leagues!

Anyway, the presser starts at 4pm CT and it's being streamed ($$$) on Hawkeye All-Access. Hawk Central is liveblogging the shindig as well and all your favorite Iowa media types (Morehouse, Dochterman, Hardy, Randy Peterson, etc.) will no doubt be Tweeting up a storm from there.

The usual rules of open threading apply: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no religion, no politics, no slurs, no douchebaggery, etc.