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Iowa vs. Minnesota Basketball LIVEGAMEOPENTHREAD

I said in the Indiana gamethread that you never quite know what you're going to get with Iowa basketball this year and the Indiana game brought forth yet another new specimen: they paired an unfathomably bad defense with a stunningly good offense. If you've ever wondered how a team could shoot 80% from the field for an entire half and still lose by 20, well, now you know.

It's time get back on the horse tonight, as Iowa heads home to lick their wounds and take on a Minnesota team that's gotten inexplicably hot, winning four of their last five games and looking kinda good -- despite still being without their lynchpin, Trevor Mbakwe. Iowa barely hung on to beat Minnesota up north a few weeks ago, but this game represents a rare chance to sweep the Gophers in hoops. It's also a game Iowa needs to win if they want to keep their head above water and avoid plunging into the sub-.500 territory that's been their unwelcome home for the last several years. So please, guys: play a little defense, make some shots, and get a win. That would be real swell.

The game is on BTN at 7:30pm CT. The standard rules of open threading are in effect: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no religion, no porn, no slurs, no douchebaggery.