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Gamethreadin': Iowa-South Dakota


Eric May Bobblehead
Eric May Bobblehead
@AngieMaskeBerka and @hawkelly

This game isn't on television again, so you'll have to get that package to watch. Nevertheless, it's the Iowa Hawkeyes against our most hated Dakota. Tip at 7:05. Per Hawkeye Drive's Brendan Stiles, starters are the same as they were for last week's dismantling of Texas A&M*:

Also, it's Eric May Bobblehead Night, so that's something! And there's a Jared Uthoff poster floating around somehow, so that's some really esoteric trolling of Wisconsin! I think?

Usual open thread rules apply: No racial, sexist, or homophobic slurs, no porn, no illegal stream info, and no link spam (we had to add that after one of the late football threads).

* -- Corpus Christi.