Hamsterdam Is Pretty Sure They Call It "Fantasy Football" Because It Gives you The Illusion Of Capability

Deity help you if you are also caught in this man's clutches:

The sporting event to watch tonight is definitely Monday Night Football. Not because it should be a good game, because it shouldn't. The Jets and Titans have been excruciating to watch most of the year. No, the reason to watch is to tune in to Hamsterdam at the same time and watch the agony of BGHPers cheering or jeering with every 2-yd run by Chris Johnson or terrible pass by Mark Sanchez that flies over Jeremy Kerley's head. For you see, it's fantasy football season, and playoffs for those of us that were lucky enough to make it this far. And luck it is, because as this first week of the playoffs has shown us, no player is "safe" to score points and no team is "safe" to advance.

So giggle along while some poor soul here hopes for 31 points from Shonn Greene, or somebody else wants the Jets D/ST to look competent. And feel free to cheer yourselves. You'll see me personally begging for a mere three points from CJ2K, try not to gloat too hard when he fails miserably at even that simple task.

Cheers, all. Glasses up to Hamsterdam.

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