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Black Heart Gold Podcast 94: Jumping Through Hoops

Basketball jonesing with Justin VanLaere of Hawkeye Nation.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

A quick note: We're going to change the format of the podcast a bit. During football season, we usually previewed games with bloggers from opposing sites, but Ross was already previewing games, usually with the same bloggers asking the same questions. The podcast got a little boring. So we're going to leave the previews to Ross, and the podcast is going to be for conversations about other stuff.

For today, "other stuff" is Iowa basketball. We talk about the pending hoopyball season with Justin VanLaere (@storminspank), basketball reporter/analyst for Hawkeye Nation and former BHGPer. It includes discussion of Roy Devyn Marble's outside game, Aaron White's resemblance to a certain All-Star forward who doesn't know the words to Born in the USA, the weaknesses of Iowa's non-conference schedule (SPOILER ALERT it's the whole thing) and how close we are to getting mad again.

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BHGPodcast 94